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Mobile Command & Control Centers & Vehicles | Long-Range Hybrid Drones for Inspections & Public Safety

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Aerial Response Solutions (ARS)
Mobile Command & Control Centers & Vehicles | Long-Range Hybrid Drones for Inspections & Public Safety
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Aerial Response Solutions (ARS) is a leading developer of long-range hybrid drones and mobile command centers for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle).

Mobile command vehicle for drones UAV

Our solutions maximise the possibilities of commercial and industrial drones, providing rapid response and essential communication and surveillance capabilities for a wide range of professional applications such as utilities and infrastructure, public safety and disaster management.

Mobile Command and Control Centers

Fully integrated ground control station vehicles for drones and UAVs

drone Command and control vehicle

Our drone command and control vehicles maximise speed of response, operational reach and location access, providing the combined advantages of UAVs and mobile ground assets.

Based on a variety of rugged vehicles including off-road and 4-wheel drive platforms, our mobile command centers are fully customisable drone ground control stations. We work with you to define your unique needs and application requirements, and create custom vehicle interiors to support your missions and provide maximum efficiency and comfort for operators.

uav and drone command vehicle

Mobile command vehicles can be combined with our specially designed long-range drones in a fully integrated turnkey solution, or engineered to support your own unmanned aerial systems.

Command and control vehicles are equipped with everything required for a fully integrated and self-contained drone command center, including generators and redundant power sources, IT systems to support your mission workflows, and air conditioning.

ARS Drone Mobile command center
ARS mobile drone command center

Operating from a mobile command vehicle allows you to add high-powered RF links and antennas to provide robust and reliable command and control links, enabling BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) operations with multiple UAVs. ADS-B, radar-as-a-service, and Wi-Fi for web-based applications and access to aviation services such as LAANC can all be integrated, providing safe integration into national airspace and maximum regulatory compliance.

Other capabilities and benefits of our mobile command and control centers for UAV include:

  • 50-foot heavy-duty telescoping mast
  • Real-time HD video and sensor payload streaming
  • Mast-mounted drone tracking camera
  • Access to Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM) and supplemental data service providers
  • 4G LTE and satellite communication systems
  • Cloud-based data collection, transmission and encryption.

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Long-Range Hybrid Drone

Autonomous UAV for emergency response and disaster management

Long range drones for disaster response
We have developed a unique long-range hybrid VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) UAV that can be easily customized and equipped with a variety of payloads to suit the unique needs of disaster management, emergency response, and a range of other critical applications.

hybrid uav for emergency response

The fully autonomous UAV can be remote-controlled or pre-programmed to automatically follow flight plans, and features advanced sense-and-avoid capabilities with integrated ADS-B (Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast) for enhanced safety in urban areas and crowded airspace.

The long-range drone features a modular design that allows it to be fitted with a range of payloads according to specific customer requirements. These include:

  • Imaging systems for aerial photography and 2D or 3D mapping
  • Video cameras for real-time HD video streaming
  • Hazmat sensors for detection of radiation, and chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine, methane, ozone and carbon monoxide.

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hazmat drone


Hazmat Detection & Response

Drones that can operate within a hazmat (hazardous materials) hot zone can provide immediate identification and quantification without putting responders in harm’s way. Hazmat teams can capture real-time video and data from chemical and radiation sensors, providing this information to relevant agencies.

Law Enforcement & First Responders

Our drones and mobile command vehicles provide police departments, fire and medical services, and other first responders with vital situational awareness for emergency situations and public safety applications.

Industrial & Infrastructure Inspection

Industrial & Infrastructure InspectionDrone inspection provides many benefits for utilities and infrastructure companies, including reduced downtime, wide area coverage and lower manpower costs. ARS drones and mobile command centers are ideal for power stations, oil and gas pipelines, roads and railways, and more.

Maritime & Port Security

Maritime & Port SecurityDrone services are ideal for providing reliable communications and data for the protection of maritime and port facilities, ensuring successful patrolling, inspection, vessel traffic control, hazmat detection and more.

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