MEMS Accelerometers: Open Loop and Closed Loop Sensors for Inertial Sensing and Navigation
MAXL-CL-3050 MEMS Accelerometer ±50g sensing range Closed Loop MEMS accelerometer
MAXL-CL-3050 MEMS Accelerometer

±50g sensing range Closed Loop MEMS accelerometer

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MAXL-CL-3050 MEMS Accelerometer

MAXL-CL-3050 is a high-performance accelerometer based on a unique MEMS device and ASIC designed for tactical and inertial navigation applications, providing a digital acceleration output.

The Accelerometer is available in several performance grades offering excellent measurement accuracy for a large range of inertial navigation and vibration sensing applications.

The MAXL-CL-3050 features an input range of ± 50 g and operates from a single power supply voltage of 5 V with < 50 mA current consumption. The sensor’s system is composed of an LCC44 hermetically sealed package mounted on an interface board for customer evaluation and prototype testing. According to a specified ICD, Physical Logic offers its customers assembly and testing of accelerometers on customer integration boards.

Key Parameters:
  • Sensing range: ±50 g
  • One year Bias repeatability: <1200 μg
  • One year Scale Factor repeatability: <500 ppm
  • Bias Temperature sensitivity: < 300 μg/⁰C<
  • Scale Factor Temperature sensitivity: < 100 ppm/⁰C
  • Scale Factor Temperature Residual Error: <150 ppm
  • Bias Temperature Residual Error: <300 μg

Prototypes available.

MAXL-CL-3050-10 MAXL-CL-3050-15 MAXL-CL-3050-20
Input Range ±50 g ±50 g ±50 g
Bandwidth >300 Hz >300 Hz >300 Hz
Noise Density <95 µg/√Hz <85 µg/√Hz <75 µg/√Hz
VRE (20-2000 Hz) <35 µg/g2 rms <35 µg/g2 rms <25 µg/g2 rms
SF Long-Term Repeatability <800 ppm <600 ppm <400 ppm
Bias Long-Term Repeatability <4000 µg <2000 µg <1200 µg