Fixed Wing and VTOL UAVs, Gyro-Stabilized Drone Gimbals

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Threod Systems is a developer and manufacturer of Fixed-Wing and VTOL Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for data-gathering in tactical and commercial applications. We also develop a wide range of UAS subsystems in-house, such as autopilots, engines and payload modules, making us a complete UAS supplier with the flexibility to deliver the most suitable solution for your particular requirements. Our gyro-stabilized camera gimbals are designed for integration on drone platforms to provide high-quality aerial imagery.

All our products are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110 (NATO standard) certified, ensuring the highest quality and reliable operation in the most demanding of environments.

Fixed-Wing and VTOL UAV Platforms

EOS C VTOL Fixed-Wing Hybrid UAS

EOS-VTOL Hybrid Fixed-Wing Drone

The EOS C is a mini-class, electric fixed-wing drone with vertical take-off and landing capability, designed to deliver stable and clear imagery for tactical, government and commercial missions, especially those taking place under restricted and difficult terrain conditions.

The EOS C has a flight time endurance of three hours when operating in fixed wing mode; and two hours endurance when flying as a multirotor. The airframe can be instantly converted between fixed-wing and VTOL modes. The extremely low noise output and low visual footprint make it an ideal aerial platform for Special Operations Forces.

A fully gyro-stabilized two-axis EO/IR camera gimbal provides an HD video and imagery feed to a Ground Control Station with onboard recording, and an additional plug & play payload can be fitted for precision aerial mapping.

With an advanced autopilot providing automatic takeoff, landing and navigation between user-defined waypoints, the EOS C can even be launched from the deck of a rescue vessel or battleship. The highly flexible system is ideal for a wide range of military, government and commercial applications including battlefield reconnaissance, search & rescue, border patrol, mapping and surveying.


Dimensions4760 mm wingspan x 1830 mm length
Endurance2 h VTOL, 3 h fixed wing
EngineElectrical BLDC motor
Air speed50-100 km/h, wind penetration 16m/s
Payload specsEO camera w/ 30x optical zoom, 1080p Full HD sensor, IR camera 640×512
Data link and range50 km LOS. Single digital data link integrated to HGCS Encryption: AES-256

EOS VTOL Fixed Wing Hybrid UAS

Threod EOS VTOL Fixed Wing UAV

Stream C Tactical Fixed-Wing UAS

Stream C fixed wing UAV

The Stream C tactical UAS is a Class 1 Fixed Wing drone with a 30kg maximum takeoff weight (MTOW). Designed for endurance flights (up to 6 hours), the Stream C UAS is ideal for aerial mapping, inspections, search & rescue, and ISR surveillance applications.

Launched via catapult and recovered using the integrated parachute recovery system, the Stream C UAS has an operational ceiling of 3000m and is available with multi-sensor payloads.

The STREAM C VTOL UAS variant is currently under development.


Dimensions3.9m wingspan, 2.3m length
Lift capacity6kg
Enduranceover 6 hours
Operational ceilingup to 3000m AGL
80-130 km/h

Stream C Fixed Wing Tactical UAS

Stream C Fixed Wing Drone Platform

Stream C fixed wing drone

KX-4 Interceptor Multi-Rotor VTOL UAV

KX-4 Interceptor Multirotor VTOL UAVThe KX-4 quadcopter is a lightweight, modular multi-rotor drone that features a dual EO/IR payload and geo-referenced HD video for dynamic, flexible missions with small teams. The drone can be operated via fly-by-camera or full autonomy, and has a flight endurance of over 30 minutes with optimal altitude of up to 400m above ground level.

The KX-4 multi-rotor UAV is ideal for police, military, first responder and search & rescue applications.


Payload CapacityMTOW 6.9 kg, payload capacity 1.5kg
EnduranceOver 30 minutes with 1kg payload
Operational Ceiling1000m AGL
6-12 m/s

KX-4 Interceptor Quadcopter VTOL Drone

KX-4 Interceptor Multirotor VTOL UAS

KX4-LE Titan VTOL/Multirotor UAV

KX4-LE VTOL Drone PlatformThe KX-4 LE Titan is a long endurance, heavy-lift multirotor drone designed for ISR, search and rescue (SAR) and law enforcement missions. The multiple plug & play payload options provide enhanced situational awareness for rescue services and first responders.

Featuring VTOL functionality, the KX-4 LE UAS can be deployed quickly without the need for a runway or launch equipment; and the integral emergency parachute offers additional safety, especially when being operated in populated areas. The detachable boom arms and landing gear ensure the system can be easily packed away and transported.

The KX-4 LE UAS can be operated in fully autonomous or first-person view flight modes using a handheld or fixed Ground Control Station (GCS).


Dimensions78×78 cm (138×138 cm with propellers)
Payload Capacity6.1kg
Endurance70 min without payload; 45 minutes with 2.5kg payload
Operational CeilingOptimal: 100-200m AGL / Maximum: 500m AGL
8 – 14 m/s

KX4-LE Heavy-Lift Multirotor UAS

KX4-LE VTOL UAV Platform

Case study: read about the Titan’s deployment in Mali

Gyro-Stabilized Drone Camera Gimbals

Shark Gimbal – Stabilized Dual-Camera UAV Gimbal

Dual Stalibilsed Drone Gimbal

Dual EO-IR UAV Gimbal

The Shark roll-tilt gyro-stabilized dual-camera UAV gimbal, suitable for both fixed-wing and multirotor aircraft, provides both electro-optic and infrared capabilities, streaming clear and stabilized live geo-referenced video back to base.  Advanced features include target tracking, geo-locking and moving object detection.

The dual-side design, with sensors on both sides of the stabilizing mechanism, allows the overall height of the gimbal to be extremely low, and the modular sensor mounts allow for quick, easy upgrades and payload changes. The gimbal can also be equipped with an optional IR illuminator and laser rangefinder for further functionality.

The Shark Stabilized Dual-Camera UAV Gimbal is available in a number of different configurations.

Dual EO/IR Camera Gimbal  Basic PAL / HSG2  Basic HD / HSG2 Shark 1 / HSG2  Shark 2 / HSG2 Shark 3 / HSG4
EO sensor10x30x30x30x30x
EO resolutionPAL720p HD720p HD720p HD720p HD
IR sensor (35 mm lens)FLIR TAU2 640FLIR TAU2 640FLIR TAU2 640FLIR TAU2 640FLIR TAU2 640
IR resolution640 x 512640 x 512640 x 512640 x 512640 x 512
IR sensor DRI human1280/320/160m1280/320/160m1280/320/160m1280/320/160m1280/320/160m
IR sensor DRI vehicle3850/950/295m3850/950/295m3850/950/295m3850/950/295m3850/950/295m
Laser Range FinderLaser class 1
IR illuminationClass IIIB, 1-4W

Cooled MWIR Camera Gimbal for Drones/UAVs

Cooled MWIR Drone GimbalThe ORCA MWIR Gimbal is a next-generation payload for fixed-wing UAS and multirotor drones that incorporates a cooled MWIR camera, EO camera sensor with 30x optical zoom, laser rangefinder and IR pointer/illuminator.

Featuring gyro and image stabilization, the ORCA drone camera gimbal features moving object detection and HD video output with onboard recording, as well as target tracking, geo-locking and 360 degree continuous pan and tilt, making it an ideal option for law enforcement and commercial use.

  • Weight: 4kg
  • Dimensions: 300mm x 220mm
  • EO sensor: 30x zoom / 2x digital, 720p HD video, Full HD 1080p sensor available
  • Cooled MWIR sensor: 720p H.264 format, NFOV – 2° x 1.6°, WFOV – 29.8° x 24.1°

ORCA MWIR drone camera gimbal

Stabilized EO/Dual-IR UAV Camera Gimbal

Triple UAV Camera Gimbal