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Firefly VTOL target & surveillance drone

VTOL target & surveillance drone

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The Firefly is a highly aerodynamic VTOL aerial target drone that uses electric motors for takeoff and landing and a gasoline-powered engine for forward flight. It has been specially adapted for the testing of 35 to 90 mm cannons as well as missile systems such as MANPADS.

The manoeuvrable and easily transported target drone can take off from anywhere and land accurately on a 3x3m surface. It can be programmed with a range of different speed and manoeuvrability profiles and can be equipped with payloads such as Luneburg lenses, corner reflectors, and infrared flares.


Dimensions (length x wingspan) 1.7 x 2.7 m
MTOW 17 kg
Max Payload 3 kg
Max Speed 180 km/h
Flight Endurance Up to 60 mins
Max Flight Range 150 km
Operational Ceiling 1500 m
Communications Range Up to 150 km