Autonomous Folding-Wing VTOL UAV for Long Range & Superior Endurance

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Autonomous Folding-Wing VTOL UAV for Long Range & Superior Endurance
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PteroDynamics is a leading innovator in the design of autonomous VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) fixed-wing drone systems.

Our highly efficient folding wing unmanned aerial (UAS) platform, based on our patented Transwing® technology, is ideal for mission-critical civilian and government applications. Transwing® aircraft overcome the inherent shortcomings of current VTOL systems by combining the speed, range, and endurance of a fixed-wing airplane with superior VTOL performance in a simple, efficient autonomous UAS platform.

Folding Wing UAV

The Transwing® platform automates time-sensitive delivery of high-value, mission-critical cargo to remote, hard to reach locations without runways that otherwise would require manned aircraft or alternative solutions at significant expense. Transwing aircraft are ideally suited for missions for which:

  • Payload is of high importance or mission critical.
  • Timeliness is essential.
  • Locations are remote, difficult to reach, and may not have runways.
  • Significant resources and costs are required.
  • Adverse conditions (weather, hostile or disputed environments) are present.

Transwing aircraft are ideal solutions for military and civil maritime logistics, autonomous cargo delivery to remote locations with no runways, linear inspection and ISR, and public safety.

PteroDynamics has delivered its VTOL fixed-wing drone aircraft to the US Navy in support of the Blue Water UAS maritime logistics program and has also partnered with Leidos on DARPA’s ANCILLARY project.

Heavy lift VTOL drone

Transwing® – a unique folding-wing UAV design

The Transwing technology uses an innovative folding wing design that enables the aircraft to transition seamlessly from vertical takeoff to forward flight, combining the maneuverability advantages of a multirotor with the increased efficiency and range of a fixed-wing platform.

VTOL UAV Military

The Transwing® provides a number of advantages:

Longer Range and Superior Endurance

  • Doesn’t carry extra weight and drag of redundant propulsors
  • Highly efficient during takeoff, landing, and cruise

Faster Cruise to Reach Remote Locations More Quickly:

  • Streamlined cruise configuration (feathered/folded propellers) and lack of additional drag/weight
  • Sprint and climb capabilities

Outstanding VTOL Stability and Gust Tolerance

  • Transwing aircrafts’ high thrust to weight ratio and inherent stability enable VTOL operations in adverse weather and environments with unpredictable crosswinds and vortices.

Autonomous Operations

  • Fully autonomous VTOL and transition to fixed-wing flight and cruise enable safe and cost-effectives operations in harsh environments.

Smaller Operational Footprint for Operations, Storage, and Transportation

  • The XP-4 requires less than 30 square feet to land.

Payload Capacity Efficiency

  • Not burdened with the additional weight and drag of extra lift propulsors like other solutions, enabling higher payload efficiency.

VTOL Fixed Wing Drone

We have developed three different platforms based on the Transwing® design:

  • X-P4: 4-meter wingspan UAV with an electric powertrain, designed for critical logistics missions
  • X-P5: Multi-mission 7-meter wingspan folding-wing drone with hybrid electric/combustion engine powertrain*
  • X-P7: Heavy-lift VTOL drone with 280 kg payload capacity and powered by turbogenerator**

Folding Wing drone

All aircraft are highly customizable and can be tailored to optimize speed, range, endurance and payload capacity to suit unique mission requirements.

Specifications Comparison:

X-P4 X-P5 X-P7
Applications Logistics Multi-mission Multi-mission
MTOW 38 kg 145 kg 1360 kg
Max Payload 7 kg 23 kg 280 kg
Payload Volume 0.03 m3 0.12 m3
Wingspan 4m 7m 10m
Speed 65 kt cruise
100 kt dash
65 kt cruise
100 kt dash
120 kt cruise
180+ kt dash
Range 60 nm (max payload) 1200 nm (max payload) 1000 nm (max payload)
Endurance 1 hr (max payload) 19 hrs (max payload) 9 hrs (max payload)
Practical Cruise Ceiling 15,000 ft FL180 FL180
Powertrain Electric Hybrid Turbogen
Available Payload Power 0.2 kW 1 kW 3 kW

* X-P5 is currently in the design phase.
**X-P7 is a future design.

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