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Skiron-X Small Unmanned Aerial System Group 2 ISR UAV with eVTOL capability
Skiron-X Small Unmanned Aerial System

Group 2 ISR UAV with eVTOL capability

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Skiron-X Small Unmanned Aerial System

The Skiron Expeditionary (Skiron-X) small UAS is a Group 2 unmanned aircraft platform that combines the convenience of VTOL with the long endurance and efficiency of fixed-wing drones. Designed to carry out ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) at undetectable altitudes, it can be set up and launched by a two-person crew in 15 minutes. Intuitive mission planning software makes it quick and easy to train operators.

The UAS features a modular nosecone payload bay that can be equipped with an ISR-focused EO/IR camera or a custom payload integration. With a flight endurance of up to 110 minutes and long-range military-grade RF communications, the Skiron-X is well-suited for a variety of operations. It can be used for a variety of challenging applications in remote or hazardous locations such as communications relaying and firefighting.

The Skiron-X is FAA Part 107-compliant, allowing it to be operated in a range of areas for training and real-world missions.


Length 2.2m (7ft 2 in)
Wingspan 5.0m (16ft 6 in)
Payload Capacity 26 x 24 x 94 in, 79.4 kg (175 lbs)
Takeoff Weight 22.2kg (49 lbs) with Trillium HD55 payload and battery
Max Flight Endurance 110 mins
Max Hover Endurance 25 mins
Speed 26 m/s (50 knots) max
19 m/s (36 knots) cruise