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Firebolt Turbojet-powered VTOL target drone

Turbojet-powered VTOL target drone

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The Firebolt is a turbojet-powered VTOL aerial target designed for testing a wide variety of weapons platforms, including air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles. Launched from land or the deck of a ship without the need for catapult or rocket-assisted takeoff equipment, the highly versatile system can be programmed with a range of different speed and manoeuvrability profiles. It can also be equipped with payloads such as Luneburg lenses, corner reflectors, and infrared flares.


Dimensions (length x wingspan) 3 x 1.8 m
MTOW 36 kg
Payload Capacity 10 kg
Speed 30 – 120 m/s
Endurance 45 – 60 mins
Range 100 km
Max Altitude 8000 m