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Firefly VTOL Target Drones Reconfigurable propeller driven Target Drones
Firefly VTOL Target Drones

Reconfigurable propeller driven Target Drones

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Firefly VTOL Target Drones

The defense industry has always struggled with the recurring costs of target drones used for training air defense personnel. These drones are conventionally launched by either a catapult or assisted with rockets, while they land using parachutes. This in general requires a lot of preparation time and maintenance costs.

WTech & Anqa present the full spectrum of reconfigurable propeller driven target drones: Firefly. The same reliable airframe can be easily reconfigured as a conventional takeoff CTOL (wheeled, catapult or rocket assisted), or eVTOL in the all electric configuration (like most aerial threats these days), or piston engine hVTOL for a emulating IR signature of IC engines. Of course all can also be fitted with standard target payloads like MDI sensors, corner reflectors, Lunenburg lenses and IR flares, as well as tow targets. The true one target fits all solution.

Maximum takeoff weight 17 kg
Maximum payload 03 kg
Speed range 30-50 m/s
Operational Altitude 2000 m
Endurance 60 min
Comm Range 60 km
Propulsion 80cc equivalent
Takeoff method VTOL, wheeled, catapult
Payloads Luneburg lens, IR flare