Full Stack UAV Flight Control Solution - Communication Data Link, Flight Controller & Fleet Management

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Full Stack UAV Flight Control Solution - Communication Data Link, Flight Controller & Fleet Management
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Sky-Drones is a leading developer of advanced AI-powered avionics for drones and UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Our mission is to accelerate the development and adoption of unmanned aircraft for enterprise applications by creating connected hardware and software solutions for drone manufacturers and commercial drone service providers.

airlink drone flight control systems
airlink Drone Avionics

AIRLink – Drone Flight Control System

AI-powered drone autopilot flight controller

airlink drone flight controlAIRLink (Artificial Intelligence & Remote Link) combines a state-of-the-art drone autopilot, AI-powered mission computer and 4G/5G connectivity to provide an advanced all-in-one flight control solution for enterprise drone operations.

BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight)-capable and UTM (unmanned traffic management)-ready, the system can be easily integrated into any type of UAV, including multirotor, fixed-wing and VTOL.

airlink cameraAIRLink is equipped with a 1080p HDR camera for superior image quality, with an external FPV camera connector for quick and easy integration, as well as a separate HDMI interface for payload cameras. The unit also includes USB and I2C / UART connectivity as well as a redundant CAN bus for connecting critical peripherals.

A separate AIRLink Telemetry module is available that provides a broadband AES-256 encrypted private data channel for ranges of up to 20km.


The device includes built in LTE (4G/5G) and Wi-Fi connectivity, providing Internet access from the very first boot-up. An Ethernet Port with power output is also provided.

airlink oem drone control system

The AIRLink module is offered in three different versions, allowing you to select the most suitable form factor for your development needs and accelerate your time to market.

  1. The AIRLink Enterprise option for evaluation and low to medium volume production provides fully-enclosed units that can be attached to your UAV immediately
  2. The AIRLink Core option for medium to high volume production provides the internal working of the units, allowing direct integration into drones at the manufacturing stage
  3. The AIRLink Reference Design can be licensed for manufacturing at scale, allowing you to build units in-house for deep integration and maximum time and cost-savings

SmartLink – UAV Communication Data Link

Secure drone data link for video, telemetry and control

UAV data link

SmartLink is an all-in-one drone data link that provides a convenient combined solution for ultra low-latency transmission of video, control and telemetry signals. Featuring a powerful integrated onboard computer based around the quad-core ARM Cortex-A53, the unit provides a range of up to 20km as standard, with an LTE option available for unlimited range.

Drone Telemetry system

The SmartLink Air unit can handle two real-time HD video streams from cameras (CSI and HDMI), supporting up to 1080p @ 60 FPS video input. It also provides a variety of interfaces, including USB, UART, I2C and SPI, allowing users to connect payloads and tightly integrate the system with drone flight controllers.

drone wireless communication

The SmartLink Ground unit, designed to work with our SmartAP GCS cross-platform ground control station software, can be connected to a wide range of devices, including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers. Featuring 2×2 MIMO technology for higher bandwidth and longer range, it allows full manual control of the drone with less than 20 ms latency.

uav communication data link

Sky-Drones Cloud – Drone Flight Planning Software

Cloud-based drone fleet management & mission planning

Drone fleet management
Sky-Drones Cloud is an intuitive web-based application that provides drone fleet management, performance monitoring, mission planning, real-time control and post-flight AI analytics. Designed with an “Everything is Integrated Everywhere” approach in mind, it provides a centralized hub for all information, maximizing the efficiency of your commercial drone workflows.

Drone fleet management software
Sky-Drones Cloud is tightly integrated with all our hardware and software products, and drone and payload data can be synced either post-flight, or during the flight with LTE connectivity. A powerful and flexible dashboard interface delivers all major information at a glance, allowing users to quickly estimate fleet performance and make better decisions with confidence.Drone flight planning softwareOther advanced features of Sky-Drones Cloud include:

Drone and pilot analytics

Drone and pilot analytics – instantly check vital statistics such as which drones are used the most or who is the most experienced pilot with the highest number of flight hours

Sky-Drones Cloud locations widget

Flight locations widget – understand how vehicles are being used and make sure that all operations are compliant and within required regulations

Fleet management – keep track of all your assets in the company, and remotely update onboard drone software as necessary

Sky-Drones Cloud real time flight tracking

Real-time flights – fly drones from anywhere in the world with a web browser via low-latency LTE

Sky-Drones Cloud drone flight logs

Flight logs –  create detailed histories of all your drone operations and detect potential issues before they become a problem

3D drone mission planning

3D mission planning software – view flight plans in complex terrain environments from any perspective, and adjust waypoint position and altitude interactively

SmartAP GCS – Drone Flight Control Software

Ground control software for any platform

drone flight control software

SmartAP GCS allows you to set up a drone ground control station on almost any device running any operating system, providing mission planning, real-time flight monitoring and control, and post-flight data analysis in a single app.drone flight planning software

The intuitive user interface allows users to easily create complex flight plans by placing waypoints with a drag-and-drop action and adjusting various mission parameters. Pilots can choose between a full-screen map or live video feed, both with minimal latency and exceptional image quality. SmartAP GCS also supports the simultaneous control of an unlimited number of drones.

drone gcs

The SmartAP GCS drone flight planning software includes integrated services from both AirMap and Altitude Angel, providing enhanced airspace awareness and UTM capabilities.

More information: SmartAP GCS – Drone Flight Control Software

SkyLane – VTOL Drone Platform

Long-range BVLOS drone with AI & 5G capabilities

SkyLane Long-range BVLOS drone

SkyLane is a VTOL UAS that has been designed from the ground up for long-range and BVLOS operations. The versatile drone platform can be equipped with a variety of advanced sensors and payloads, and is also an ideal cargo delivery solution.

SkyLane VTOL Drone PlatformSkyLane is powered by our state-of-the-art AIRLink unit, incorporating a powerful AI mission computer, drone autopilot, and 5G connectivity. AIRLink enables real-time telemetry and streaming of video feeds, and  enables custom software to be deployed. The onboard AI software provides a range of cutting-edge capabilities including autonomy, detection and tracking, and image enhancement.

The SkyLane platform is electrically-powered, and is available in 2500 and 3500 mm wingspan variants.

Innovate UK Future Flight Phase II and III award winner

Sky-Drones are proud to be an Innovate UK Future Flight Phase II and III award winner.

Future Flight will inspire the next generation of sustainable aviation and revolutionise how we connect people, deliver goods and provide services, using new classes of electric and autonomous vehicles.

The challenge focuses on the development of the digital and physical infrastructure, regulation and control systems required to use these new aircraft practically and safely.

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