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QP532 Hybrid eVTOL Drone Long-endurance hybrid UAV for inspection and mapping
QP532 Hybrid eVTOL Drone

Long-endurance hybrid UAV for inspection and mapping

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QP532 Hybrid eVTOL Drone

The QP532 is a long-endurance eVTOL drone platform that has been optimized for close integration of multiple payloads to facilitate long-range mapping and inspection missions. Able to operate day or night even in extremes of temperature and winds of up to Level 6, the rapidly deployable hybrid drone can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled and fits into a convenient portable transport case.

The platform has been designed with multiple hardware redundancies to provide enhanced safety and peace of mind during critical operations, including redundant positioning and heading measurement, IMUs and CPUs. The datalink system features 4G cellular connectivity in addition to a 30km RF link.

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The QP532 includes a comprehensive suite of safety monitoring protocols that detect and report potential issues before they become safety hazards. These include monitoring of motor, servo and structural statuses, as well as a smart battery management system. The unmanned aircraft is also equipped with a variety of automated emergency protocols that ensure the safest possible maneuvering or landing in case of low power, GPS signal loss or obstacle detection.

Compatible payloads include LiDAR scanners, oblique aerial survey cameras, and orthophotography payloads. The QP532 enables high-resolution mapping applications without the need for GCPs (ground control points), enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as fully autonomous LiDAR inspection and corridor mapping.


Dimensions (length x wingspan): 1.74 x 3.2 m
MTOW: 18 kg
Max Flight Endurance: 190 mins
Max Operational Range: 150 km
Max Altitude: 4000m
Cruising Speed: 70-90 km/h