Domo Tactical Communications (DTC)

Software Defined Radios (SDRs) and IP Mesh Radios for UAV, Drones, UGVs and Robotics

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Domo Tactical Communications (DTC)
Software Defined Radios (SDRs) and IP Mesh Radios for UAV, Drones, UGVs and Robotics
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Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) is a global leader in Tactical IP Mesh technology and COFDM video transmission systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and other unmanned vehicle systems. Our mission-critical solutions secure, share and communicate video, voice and data to enable real-time situational awareness in demanding environments.

UAV Communications and Data Links

Our High Data Rate (HDR) IP Mesh radios enable enhanced range, Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone and unmanned vehicle operations. DTC’s Mesh technology provides a seamless self-forming, self-healing MANET (Mobile Adhoc Network) networking capability which can be relied on even in the toughest conditions, delivering ultra-low latency, end-to-end encryption and unrivalled robustness.

DTC’s solutions are in use with a variety of military, law enforcement and government entities, as well as unmanned systems manufacturers and system integrators, overcoming crucial connectivity and communication challenges on land, at sea and in the air.

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IP Mesh and CODFM Point-to-Point Capabilities

Depending on the application requirements, our solutions can be used with proven Point-to-Point COFDM technology for extreme low latency use cases, or with our industry-leading high-capacity wireless IP Mesh technology to create a self-healing, self-forming IP network which can operate anywhere in the world independent of existing communications infrastructure.

Key features:

IP Mesh Technology – high data rate connectivity for meshed UAVs, UGVs and autonomous marine vehicles

IP Mesh Radios for meshed drones
IP Mesh radios for UGVs
IP Mesh technology for the command and monitoring of ASVs
  • Fluid self-healing mesh optimized for mobile applications
  • Excellent range and Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) capability
  • Up to 144 nodes on a single frequency network
  • Up to 87Mbps throughput
  • Each node can act as a data source as well as a repeater
  • Transparent IP network allows connection of any general IP device
  • Auto adaptive modulation maintains connectivity in mobile applications
  • Optional end-to-end AES encryption.

COFDM Point-to-Point downlink solutions for tactical UAVs and UGVs

Point to Point COFDM Downlinks for Tactical UAVs
COFDM Point to Point Communications for UGVs
  • One-way video, audio, and RS232 data transmission over COFDM RF
  • Excellent range and NLOS capability
  • Narrowband width modes (2.5MHz, 1.25MHz, 0.625MHz) for excellent spectrum efficiency
  • Low latency (under 25mS) for critical applications
  • Optional end-to-end AES encryption
  • Low-power solution for extended mission life.

MeshUltra Tactical IP Mesh Technology

Our revolutionary MeshUltra Tactical COFDM IP Mesh Waveform provides higher throughput and greater spectral efficiency for the most demanding real world applications. With data rates of up to 87Mbps, Auto-Adaptive Modulation up to 64QAM, and bandwidth options down to 1.25MHz,

MeshUltra utilises COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) modulation, splitting the information to be transmitted over a large number of carrier signals, each transmitting at a very low data rate. This approach provides significant enhancements in robustness as well as increased resilience against multipath interference.

Mesh technology uses COFDM modulation

MeshUltra also leverages Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology to provide increased spectral efficiency and link robustness, transmitting data in both horizontal and vertical polarisations and fitting twice as much data into a channel as a conventional Single Input Multiple Output (SIMO) mesh. MeshUltra can also automatically and seamlessly transition between MIMO and SIMO operation as required, ensuring the most robust data link possible under any conditions.

MiMo Transmission

MeshUltra Hardware Platforms

IP Mesh Radios

Rugged MIMO Radios for UAVs and UGVs

Domo Tactical Communications NETNode 5RM 5W radioOur NETNode IP Mesh Radios are based on our next-generation Phase 5 software technology, providing all the benefits of standard Mesh with added Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) capabilities for double the data throughput.

DTC’s Phase 5 radios are interoperable with Phase 3 and 4 Mesh products, allowing for simple field upgrading and flexible integration of nodes into existing infrastructure, reducing cost and making it easy to expand any network.

Ideal for UAV and UGV surveillance and video broadcasting, IP Mesh radios provide a proven and flexible MANET solution for even the most challenging of environments.


Domo Tactical Communications NETNode 5RM 5W radioNETNode 2x2W-5RM Domo Tactical Communications NETNode 5RM 5W radioNETNode 2x5W-5RM NETNode IP Mesh RadioNETNode 2x15W-5RH
Dimensions (LxWxH) 70x160x160 mm 70x160x160 mm 71x210x254 mm
Weight <2kg 2.6 kg ~5kg
Power Consumption ~12W (non-MIMO)
~25W (MIMO)
30W (non-MIMO)
120W typical
200W peak
Frequency Options 320-470 MHz
1.20-1.70 GHz
1.65-2.40 GHz
1.98-2.55 GHz
3.00-3.70 GHz
4.40-5.00 GHz
1.20-1.70 GHz
1.65-2.40 GHz
1.98-2.55 GHz
4.40-5.00 GHz
Range 1400 m (NLOS urban)
106 km (LOS)
2200 m (NLOS urban)
170 km (LOS)
4 km (NLOS urban)
300 km (LOS)

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Software-Defined Radios (SDRs)

SDRs for robotic and autonomous Systems (RAS) – UAVs, UGVs and USVs

Miniature SDR-C for UAVs (SOLO8 Concealment)DTC’s SOLO8 software defined radio (SDR) is a flexible, miniature COFDM digital video transceiver platform designed for low-SWaP applications. It is available in a number of form factors, which include the smallest radios on the market. DTC SDRs are available in various frequency bands from 320 MHz UHF to 5GHz. With our open APIs, UxV platform integration with existing GUIs and GCS is made easy.



Dimensions(LxWxH) Weight Power Output (CODFM) Power Output (telemetry)
Domo Tactical Communications software-defined radioSOL8SDR2x1W-P 160x75x24mm
(incl. connectors)
456g 2x1W +11dBm
(frequency dependent)
SOL8SDR-H-2 Software Defined RadioSOL8SDR2x2W-P 200x100x27mm 950g 2x2W +11dBm
(frequency dependent)
SOL8SDR-R 130x100x25mm
(UHF version)
372g (UHF version)
2x100mW +11dBm
(frequency dependent)
SOL8SDR-C-SOLO8 Software Defined Radio ConcealmentSOL8SDR-C 50x50x18mm
(UHF version)
82g (UHF version)
2x100mW +11dBm
(frequency dependent)
SOL8SDR-H-2 Software Defined RadioSOL8SDR-H 128x67x38mm 634g 2x2W +11dBm
(frequency dependent)
SOL8SDR-M-Software-Defined-Radio-ModuleSOL8SDR-M 54x55x11mm
(2.10-2.50GHz version)
(2.10-2.50GHz version)
SOL8SDR-USOL8SDR-U 95x60x15mm 85g 2x1W

Power Amplifiers

Wireless video data transmission and distribution

AMPD5W 5W Linear RF Power AmplifierOur power amplifiers are designed for use with COFDM video surveillance systems, providing monitoring and recording of high-quality critical video data through both non-line of sight (NLOS) and line of sight (LOS) wireless transmission.

DTC systems are not reliant on public or commercially available networks for wireless video transmission or onward distribution, making them more secure and flexible for law enforcement, military and intelligence agency usage. Our video technologies are ideal for a wide range of unmanned systems applications, such as ISR, infrastructure protection, and crime monitoring.


AMPD5W 5W Linear RF Power AmplifierAMPD5W AMP2x1W Dual 1W Power AmplifierAMP2x1W AMP2W 2W Linear RF Power AmplifierAMP2W SOLO7 1W Nano AmplifierSOLO7
Dimensions (LxWxH) 93x50x18 mm 44x59x15 mm 83x47x18 mm 44x31x18 mm
Weight 140g 75g 110g 65g
Gain >20dB 10dB min TX
3 – 6dB RX
Frequency Options 1200-1700 MHz
1650-2400 MHz
1980-2700 MHz
4400-5000 MHz
320-470 MHz
1.00-1.70 GHz
1.65-2.40 GHz
1.98-2.70 GHz
4.40-5.00 GHz
320-470 MHz
450-600 MHz
1200-1700 MHz
1650-2400 MHz
1980-2700 MHz
4400-5000 MHz
150-170 MHz
300-420 MHz
1.00-1.50 GHz
1.65-2.40 GHz
1.98-2.70 GHz

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