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Miniature SDR Transceiver for UAVs Unveiled

By Mike Ball / 08 Mar 2021
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DTC miniature SDR tranceiver for UAVs

Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) has launched a new miniature Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceiver that has been designed specifically for SWaP (size, weight and power)-limited UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and unmanned systems applications. The SOL8SDR-M BluCore module facilitates the use of a wide range of IP Mesh and unidirectional COFDM waveforms, including DTC’s latest MeshUltra MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Networking) waveform.

The new miniature radio module weighs just 60g and measures 54mm x 50mm x 11mm, making it ideal for the smallest drone platforms such as sub-250g nano-UAS, and is also available in smaller OEM form factors. It produces 200mW of RF output, enabling high data rates at distance and for Non-Line-of-Sight (NLOS) and urban applications, and allowing for streaming of both EO & IR Full Motion Video (FMV), audio, data and telemetry (flight and payload) control. RF Line of Sight (LOS) ranges of 250km can be achieved with an optimised antenna, RF bandwidth and additional amplifier arrangements.

The SOL8 SDR-M provides consistent, low-delay and low-jitter IP over USB connectivity, with two USB interfaces capable of supporting USB cameras and headsets as well as Wi-Fi, cellular and Ethernet dongles. BluCore can also be connected to a range of host devices using RNDIS “Ethernet over USB” connectivity.

IP Mesh radios can provide UAVs with high data rate connectivity even in difficult RF and operational environments. The fluid self-healing, self-forming mesh architecture allows UAVs to exchange and relay mission-critical video and data, both between units and to command elements. The range can be extended by utilizing repeater units or other mesh enabled assets, allowing ‘swarm’ and ‘mother/daughter’ UAV architecture to be implemented with ease.

DTC’s MeshUltra waveform is capable of supporting 80+ nodes on the same frequency, sharing the network data throughput. Radios can be set up rapidly as a deployable mobile ad-hoc IP network, providing low-latency secure and encrypted communications.

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