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Unmanned Marine Systems - ASVs, USVs & Autonomous Boat Control System

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L3 ASV (previously ASV Global) is a designer, manufacturer and operator of high-performance, rugged autonomous marine vehicle systems for military, government and commercial sectors.

ASV Unmanned Surface Vehicles

L3 ASV’s unmanned marine vehicle systems are used for a wide range of military and commercial applications. For military these include Mine Counter Measures (MCM), Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR), Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), and Fast Inshore Attack Craft (FIAC) for combat training. For commercial these include, Oil and Gas Exploration and Construction, Oceanographic Data Collection, Hydrographic, Oceanographic and Environmental Surveys.

L3 ASV also provides a broad range of technical services relating to autonomous marine vehicles, from concept design through to production and training. The company has a full complement of highly experienced staff as well as links with leading universities and manufacturing facilities.

ASView Control System

Remotely Control Surface Vessels

ASView-Bridge ASV User Control SystemL3 ASV has specifically developed and refined its ASView system for safe and reliable control of autonomous surface vehicles and has incorporated industry-leading research in collision avoidance and safe over-the-horizon operation. The complete system is comprised of the ASView-Bridge graphical user interface, ASView-Helm remote controller, ASView-Base radio enclosure and ASView-Core vehicle system.

ASView-Helm USV Remote ControlASView features direct remote control via ASView-Helm, assisted remote control, and a Mission Plan mode via ASView-Bridge UI that allows users to define lines, orbits and/or station keeping waypoints. It can be integrated into vessels with a wide variety of power generation and propulsion engines, motors and devices.

ASView supports a broad range of navigation sensors including GPS receivers, gyro stabilised and satellite compasses, inertial navigation systems, marine radar systems, AIS, electro optical and infrared cameras and depth sounders.

ASView Control System for Unmanned Surface Vessels

The system is compatible with line of sight communications including UHF radio, mesh network radio or Wi-Fi, as well as the commercially available Iridium, Inmarsat or V-Sat satellite communications systems.

More Information: ASView Control System

C-Stat Station Keeping Buoy

The C-Stat mobile buoy system is a station keeping vessel for applications where anchoring may be difficult or the cost or practicalities of operating a manned vessel for continuous periods of time are prohibitive. It is ideal for asset positioning, surface to underwater communications, and data collection.

C-Stat Station Keeping Buoy

An autonomous control system with sophisticated station-keeping algorithms allows the C-Stat to maintain position, with programmable drift parameters. The buoy is powered by a hybrid diesel electric system, and can travel for up to 5 days with a top speed of 3.7 knots.

Principal Particulars:

PropulsionDiesel generator, battery and 2 x DC thrusters
Speed3.7 knots
Endurance5 days
Fuel Capacity94 litres
Payload capacity20kg

C-Cat 3

Small Multipurpose Work USV

The C-CAT 3 is a multipurpose vessel developed for applications requiring a smaller craft, such as surveying, monitoring and other scientific research in littoral zones. Its modular design and large payload bay allow it to be easily fitted with a wide variety of above and below water sensors and other payloads.

C-Cat 3 Small Multipurpose Work USV

The vessel is powered by twin electric motors and can achieve a top speed of 7 knots. It can be controlled manually or pre-programmed to follow specified routes that can be updated at any point during the mission via an intuitive PC-based GUI.

Principal Particulars:

DraftMin 0.39m, max dependent on payload ~0.7m
DisplacementLightship 270kg, fully loaded 340kg
Primary propulsion
2 x DC electric motors driving 3 bladed propellers
Operational speed range
Up to 7 knots
Payload power
12V or 24V

More Information: C-Cat 3 Multipurpose USV


Long Endurance Maritime Unmanned Surface Vehicle

The C-Enduro is a long endurance USV, ideal for any application where long-term remote data collection is required. Capable of enduring missions of up to 3 months in length, the vehicle’s power system can be tailored to suit different climatic conditions by using diesel or methanol power chain, and/or harvesting energy using wind turbines and solar panels.

C-Enduro Solar Unmanned Surface Vehicle

C-Enduro USVThe hull features a rugged carbon-fibre construction with a self-righting design. A wide range of sensors can be fitted to the C-Enduro, including sonar, Electronic Warfare, wave measurement, and cameras. diesel or methanol power chain, and/or harvesting energy using wind turbines and solar panels.

This advanced USV can serve a multitude of roles, from security to oceanographic data collection to environmental monitoring.

Principal Particulars:

Height2.8m (including antennae), 1.5m (mast off)
Weight350kg lightship
2 x DC brushless motors
Up to 6.5 knots
30+ days depending on power configuration
ASView for direct, semi-autonomous or autonomous control
Solar panel system
12 high efficiency panels generating a peak electrical power of 1200W
Diesel generator system
Electric start diesel generator providing a peak charging power of 2.5kW. Can be run continuously for higher speed and payload missions
Wind turbine system
Lightweight three blade system generating a peak output power of 720W
Sensor options
keel mounted sensors, CTD lowered by winch, meteorological sensors, ADCP, MBES, side-scan sonar, PAM, acoustic modem, ASW (towed array or dipping), electronic warfare.

C-Worker Multi-Role USVs

The C-Worker family of USV platforms offers solutions for a wide variety of offshore, inshore and coastal operations. All vessels in the C-Worker range can be controlled directly, semi-autonomously or with full autonomy, with the ability to select and update mission parameters via the intuitive ASView control software.

C-Worker 4

Shallow Water ASV

C-Worker 4 is the smallest of the C-Worker USVs, with a diesel-powered waterjet propulsion system that makes it ideal for shallow water operations such as marine construction surveys and environmental data collection.

C-Worker 4 Shallow Water USV

Principal Particulars:

Weight680kg lightship
PropulsionMarine diesel engine driving waterjet
SpeedUp to 7 knots
EnduranceUp to 48 hours
Payload capacity
20kg (on pole); 22kg (in 19″ rack)
Payload powerUp to 800W nominal; up to 1.5kW peak
ControlASView for direct, semi-autonomous or autonomous control

C-Worker 5

Hydrographic Surveying ASV

With a repairable rugged aluminium hull and durable construction, C-Worker 5 is designed for surveying applications such as shipwrecks, cable laying and hydrography. It features an endurance of up to 7 days at a top speed of 7 knots, allowing for increased survey efficiency with a minimum of launch and recovery requirements.

C-Worker 5 Hydrographic Surveying ASV

Principal Particulars:

PropulsionDirect driver fixed propeller 1 x Yanmar 57hp diesel engine
SpeedUp to 10 knots
EnduranceUp to 5 days at 7 knots
Payload capacity
20kg (on pole); 35kg (in 19″ racK)
Payload power1kW
ControlASView for direct, semi-autonomous or autonomous control
CommunicationsIP Radio

C-Worker 6

Ocean Surveying ASV

C-Worker 6 is a multi-role work-class vessel that can handle a wide variety of operations, including surveying, environmental monitoring, data collection and surveillance. It can operate for up to 30 days at a cruising speed of 4 knots, and can be integrated with a range of standard or custom payloads, such as sonar, infrared, video cameras, and chemical detectors.

C-Worker 6 Ocean Surveying USV

Principal Particulars:

Height4.75m or 2.2m with mast folded
Weight13500kg lightship
Propulsion2 diesel generator sets driving 2 electrical pods via battery bank
SpeedUp to 6.5 knots
EnduranceUp to 30 days
Payload power1kW
ControlASView for direct, semi-autonomous or autonomous control

C-Worker 7

Ocean Surveying ASV

C-Worker 7 is a multi-role USV that features fully redundant power, propulsion and communication systems, and a large moon pool that measures 2.5m long x 1m wide. Its modular payload bay allows integration of multiple offshore payloads.

C-Worker 7 Ocean Surveying USV

Principal Particulars:

Weight5300kg lightship
Propulsion2 x 20kW
SpeedUp to 6.5 knots
EnduranceContact us for details
Payload powerUp to 2kW
ControlASView for direct, semi-autonomous or autonomous control

C-Worker 8

Multi-Role Offshore ASV

Powered by twin 45hp diesel engines, C-Worker 8 is a rugged, versatile USV with a top speed of 10 knots and up to 7 days endurance. Interchangeable payload frames allow the vessel to be configured for a wide variety of missions, including surveying, environmental research, seismic support, and security.

C-Worker 8 Multi-Role Offshore ASV

Principal Particulars:

Height4.24m (mast up)
Weight4800kg fully laden, 3700kg lightship
PropulsionTwo 45Hp Diesel engines driving fixed pitch propellers
Speed10 knots
Endurance7 days at 4 knots, 3 days at 8 knots.
Payload power3kW
ControlASView for direct, semi-autonomous or autonomous control

C-Sweep Rugged USV

C-Sweep is a rugged, modular Unmanned Surface Vehicle capable of undertaking long-endurance minesweeping missions. It features a robust construction with either aluminium or composite hull, and is powered by twin diesel engines.

C-Sweep is capable of deploying secondary Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) or Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), and can be fitted with a range of sensors.

C-Sweep Rugged High Performance ASV