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HydroBoat 990 USV High-efficiency USV for bathymetric survey
HydroBoat 990 USV

High-efficiency USV for bathymetric survey

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HydroBoat 990 USV

The HydroBoat 990 is a portable USV designed specifically for bathymetric surveys. Featuring a robust and highly stable hull design and IP67 waterproofing, the highly reliable vessel is built to withstand wear, collisions, and up to Level 3 winds.

The system includes an integrated GNSS receiver and SBES echosounder, and can be operated manually or pre-programmed for automatic route following. Millimeter-wave radar provides accurate obstacle detection and safe navigation.

The included ground control station features SatLab’s Android-based SLHydro USV software, which enables mission planning, project creation, waypoint setting and real-time data acquisition.

Dimensions: 1035 x 560 x 345 mm
Maximum Speed: 6 m/s
Battery Endurance: 10 hrs @ 1.5 m/s
GNSS Positioning Accuracy: Single point: ±0.5m + 1 ppm
DGNSS: ±0.25m + 1 ppm
RTK: ±8mm + 1 ppm RMS (H), ±15mm + 1 ppm RMS (V)
GNSS Heading Accuracy: 0.2° @1 m baseline
Echosounder Range: 0.15 - 200m
Echosounder Accuracy: ±0.01m + 0.1% x depth