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Autonomous USV Conversion System Conversion kit for autonomous control of marine manned vehicles
Autonomous USV Conversion System

Conversion kit for autonomous control of marine manned vehicles

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Autonomous USV Conversion System

The autonomous conversion system allows users to realize the benefits of autonomous surface vessels and maximize the capabilities of existing fleets without the extra costs of purchasing dedicated boats and compatible parts. The marine autopilot and remote control systems allow for unmanned capabilities without sacrificing the manned usage of the vessel.

Using this autonomous technology, almost any vessel can be converted into a USV. Users can remotely upload and manage mission plans and waypoints, and control throttle and steering as well as third party sensors and systems.

The conversion kit is payload, sensor and propulsion system-agnostic, allowing integration and remote control of a wide variety of capabilities such as EO/IR imaging, radar, sonar, weapons systems and towed decoys. System architecture can be customized to the user’s exact mission requirements. Communication options include encrypted IP Mesh RF datalink, 4G LTE and backup SATCOM.

Standard C2 Pro portable ground control station can be provided, containerized C2-20 GCS, or a custom integrated solution based around existing command and control facilities. GCS capabilities allow users to plan missions with a simple point-and-click interface, taking advantage of obstacle detection and collision avoidance with radar, AIS and EO/IR integration. Operators can also take over from autonomous operations and gain manual remote control at any time.

The maritime autonomy system is ideal for a wide range of demanding applications, including ISTAR, port security, border protection, mine counter-measures, and anti-submarine warfare.