Powerful Next-Gen Software Solutions for Maritime Robotics, Autonomous Systems & Artificial Intelligence (RASAI) Systems

Advanced Software Solutions for Maritime Robotics, Autonomous Systems & Artificial Intelligence

Greenroom Robotics’ ethical solutions are designed to make the oceans safer and cleaner while enabling sustainable exploration and scientific discovery By Mike Ball / 22 Apr 2024
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Greenroom Robotics is a leading developer of software solutions that empower the next generation of maritime robotics, autonomous systems and artificial intelligence (RASAI) systems. UST is delighted to welcome Greenroom Robotics on board as a supplier partner, and we will be highlighting their unique solutions and capabilities across our channels over the next 12 months.

We’ve just launched Greenroom Robotics’ UST supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with the company. The Silver profile showcases their cutting-edge and ethical robotic solutions, which are designed to make the oceans safer and cleaner while enabling sustainable exploration and scientific discovery.

Read on to find out more:

advanced maritime autonomyGAMA is an advanced maritime autonomy software package that turns any sub-15 metre boat into an uncrewed or autonomous surface vessel (USV/ASV). The turnkey solution is suitable for both retrofitting and OEM development, and can be tailored to support a wide range of sensors, including optical, IR, radar, LiDAR, sonar, AIS and more.

GAMA is an Australian-developed sovereign solution, and provides fully COLREGS-compliant autonomy and collision avoidance. Utilising remote command and control systems, the software seamlessly displays sensor data, video streams, and mission planning features, and runs on any device.

Powerful Data Exploration for maritime mission managementMarOps is a web-based mission management system that consolidates all operation and sensor data from multiple maritime assets, providing unified insights for more efficient and effective collaboration and decision-making. With at-sea hosting and cloud backup facilities, the software operates to full capability with or without an internet connection, and can run on any device.

The highly versatile software allows you to define customized workflows, forms and checklists, and provides easy one-click automated reporting and comprehensive mission summaries with clear graphs and visualisations.

Lookout+ compassLookout+ is an optical radar-based system that provides advanced collision avoidance, navigation and situational awareness capabilities for vessels of any size and type. Based around our cutting-edge VisionAI technology, it provides real-time detection, classification and tracking of vessels, animals and other objects, and is ideal for spotting hazards that may not be picked up by AIS, conventional radar, or crewmembers.

The system can be installed on edge computing platforms or run from the cloud, and provides an intuitive web-based user interface that runs on any device. Detections can be output to USV autonomy systems such as Greenroom’s GAMA to further enhance the safety and effectiveness of uncrewed operations.

Maritime SimulationMIS-SIM provides highly realistic maritime mission and scenario simulation that can mimic charted subsea environments, landmarks and landmasses anywhere in the world. The software is ideal for USV and UUV autonomy testing in a controlled and consistent environment, as well as for pre-mission training and rehearsal.

The versatile hardware-agnostic solution is designed to work with any vehicle, sensor or asset, and allows real-time or historic mission data to be imported into the virtual environment and explored via 2D plots, chart overlays, and simplistic or fully realistic 3D worlds. The software also provides a fully comprehensive post-mission analysis environment for debriefing, replaying and reviewing operational performance.

Greenroom Robotics can work with you to tailor MIS-SIM to your exact operational requirements, providing a highly effective solution that suits your specific mission objectives.

To find out more about Greenroom Robotics and their software solutions for maritime robotics and autonomous systems, please visit their profile page:

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