Inertial Navigation & Positioning Technology for Unmanned, Autonomous Systems
DriX USV Long-endurance multi-mission autonomous USV

Long-endurance multi-mission autonomous USV

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DriX is a long-endurance USV that can be operated remotely with a high level of autonomy, providing a high level of performance for missions such as hydrography, geophysics, scientific monitoring and AUV/ROV support. It can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and payloads, including towed-array and side-scan sonars, USBLs, LiDAR and optical sensors.


  • Best-in-class seakeeping capability and stability up to sea state 5
  • Autonomous operation under human remote supervision
  • Easy to swap and configure payloads
  • Ultra-low fuel consumption and CO2 footprint due to a highly efficient hull design
  • Multi-channel communication infrastructure to support Line Of Sight (LOS) or Over The Horizon (OTH) operations
  • Underwater gondola for payload deployment with CFD-optimized design ensuring reduced acoustic noise signature and bubble-free environment
  • Launch and Recovery System
  • Robust composite construction (vacuum infusion) / Kevlar reinforced


  • Enhanced operating envelope / Reduced downtime linked to weather conditions
  • Environmental footprint divided by 100 compared to traditional survey launch vessels
  • Minimized on-site footprint
  • Efficient transportation and field logistics
  • Reduced on-site operation crew / Multi-vehicle remote supervision