eVTOL Drones for Mapping & Monitoring + Flight Controllers & Drone Avionics

eVTOL Drones for Mapping & Monitoring + Flight Controllers & Drone Avionics
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AheadX is a leading developer of eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms, advanced drone avionics and flight control solutions. With extensive experience in aeronautical engineering and avionics systems development, we have created highly dependable drone solutions for a variety of applications, including mapping and surveying, inspection and monitoring, and surveillance.

Long Distance Drone

Electric VTOL Drone Platforms

QP530 Hybrid eVTOL Drone

Long-range VTOL UAV for surveillance and monitoring

AheadX QP530 electric vtol surveillance drone

The QP530 is a long-endurance eVTOL drone platform with a state-of-the-art design that has been specially engineered for superior flight performance.


Operational Range

Max Altitude

QP530 eVTOL - long range vtol uav

Able to operate day or night even in extremes of temperature and winds of up to Level 6, the rapidly deployable hybrid VTOL drone can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled and fits into a convenient portable transport case.

The platform has been designed with multiple hardware redundancies to provide enhanced safety and peace of mind during critical operations, including redundant positioning and heading measurement, IMUs and CPUs.

The drone datalink system features 4G cellular connectivity in addition to a 30km RF link.

The QP530 is optimized for use with a 30x optical zoom EO sensor and 640 x 512 infrared imaging, providing clear high-resolution imagery for both daytime and night-time missions.

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QP532 Hybrid eVTOL Drone

Long-range VTOL UAV for inspection and mapping

QP532 fixed wing hybrid vtol drone

The QP532 features the same advanced flight performance and safety-central eVTOL design as the QP530, and is optimized for close integration of multiple payloads to facilitate long-range mapping and inspection missions.

QP532 electric vtol mapping drone

Compatible payloads include LiDAR scanners, oblique aerial survey cameras, and orthophotography payloads. The QP532 enables high-resolution mapping applications without the need for GCPs (ground control points), enhancing efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as fully autonomous LiDAR inspection and corridor mapping.

evtol mapping drone

vtol mapping drone

GCS Software

Space V3D – 3D monitoring & flight control software

The Space V3D drone flight management software provides a 3D map display, route planning, real-time elevation warnings, and allows for one-click deployment of fully autonomous operations.

Space MINI Mobile APP

Space MINI – Flight Control Mobile App

The Space MINI Mobile App is designed for use in-the-field to control drone flight operations, and allows for quick and easy deployment. The app supports both 4G and the DL900 datalink, either separately or in combination, which are autonomously selected according to the operation scenario.

Galaxy Cloud – Operations Management Software

The Galaxy Cloud software system is a cloud-based flight planning, control and management platform that allows users to manage teams, remotely monitor drone fleets, and plan flight operations. Features include: log replay, drone ownership/authorization management, and the ability to view the dynamic state of individual drones at anytime in multiple locations.

GNC Autopilots

Drone autopilot flight controllers for multirotor and fixed-wing UAVs

Our GNC (Guidance, Navigation and Control) drone autopilot systems support a wide variety of UAV platforms, featuring redundant hardware and providing a range of automated safety features.

LEO - drone autopilot flight controllerLEO

Drone autopilot with double redundant compass & GNSS

leo2 UAV flight controllerLEO-2

UAV flight controller with large-capacity data storage

UAV autopilot flight controllerTaurus-2

UAV autopilot with multi-redundant hardware

SAGI drone flight controllerSAGI

Drone flight controller with military-grade environmental testing

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Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulators

Realistic UAV simulation of real-world flight conditions

Our hardware-in-the-loop drone simulators provide realistic flight training for UAV pilots, and are highly customizable.

UAV SimulationASHIL

High-level simulation with fixed-wing, multirotor & hybrid support

ASHIL-2 UAV SimulationASHIL-2

Realistic simulation of  fixed-wing, multirotor, hybrid & tiltrotor missions

Drone Avionics & Accessories

We provide a range of other high-performance drone avionics and accessories for UAV systems.

CRUX - Drone positioning systemCRUX

High-precision relative positioning and attitude guidance system

DG3 Drone positioning systemDG3

Differential GNSS positioning & orientation system

DL900 Drone datalinkDL900

Industrial-grade wireless datalink

smart battery unit for droneThor

Smart battery unit

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