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Blowfish A3 Max Unmanned Helicopter Heavy Load Electric Unmanned Helicopter
Blowfish A3 Max Unmanned Helicopter

Heavy Load Electric Unmanned Helicopter

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Blowfish A3 Max Unmanned Helicopter

Blowfish A3 Max is a BVLOS multi-domain unmanned helicopter. It is powered entirely by batteries and that allows it to be completely oil and fuel-free. The Blowfish A3 Max has a detachable tail design which is convenient for transporting it across different mission sites. It can take-off and land at considerably small and confined locations because of the small size. The heavy load electric unmanned helicopter has a large payload carrying capacity design to meet the requirements of diversified mounting, accurate launching and dropping.

It is capable of carrying a vast majority of conventional payloads such as tri-sensor/dual sensor camera, hyper-spectral camera, multi-spectral camera, LiDAR, fire extinguisher (spray and fire extinguishing bombs), spectrometer, gas analyzer, winch, search light, megaphone. Newer payloads can be integrated with Blowfish A3 Max due to modular design of the entire helicopter, which offers customization to the highest degree.

Blowfish A3 Max system is entirely user friendly and, allows the operator to execute flights in extreme mission scenarios and difficult environments with complete ease of control. Blowfish A3 Max is designed for carrying out flights in various environments. It can efficiently take flight at sea, in mountainous regions and plateau.


Dimensions Without rotor blades: 1942*495*715mm
Max Take-off Weight 45kg
UAV Weight 16.8kg
Max Payload 15kg
Cruising Speed 50-75km/h (max 90km/h)
Wind Resistance Level 7 (wind speed 17m/s)
Endurance 65 min (without payload)
Max Operating ASL Altitude 5100m
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +55°C