Who to see at InterGEO 2022

UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com are thrilled that so many of our partners will be attending InterGEO in Essen this year - see who’s attending By Sarah Simpson / 14 Oct 2022
Who to see at InterGEO 2022
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INTERGEO 2022 is taking place in Essen, Germany, October 18th to 20th. The unmanned sector is a significant part of the international geo-community and many UnmannedSystemsTechnology.com partners will be attending the event either exhibiting, presenting or walking the floor – if you’d like to meet up with them, then why not send a message via our platform? Details below:

  • Advanced Navigation Hall 3, booth C3.010
    MEMS and FOG based inertial navigation products for geopointing, LiDAR missions with VTOL UAVs and drone surveying and geo-referencing missions
  • Auterion Hall 3, booth A2.138
    State-of-the-art drone software platform designed to enable simple, safe and fully integrated large-scale operations for drone fleets
  • Blue Marble Geographics Hall 1, booth F1.038
    Geospatial data analysis, point cloud processing and GIS mapping software for Drones and UAV enabling comprehensive editing and processing of GIS data
  • C-Astral Hall 2, booth D2.011
    Mapping and surveying drone solutions covering vast areas, providing superior efficiency and productivity for geospatial and aerial surveying professionals
  • CHC Navigation Hall 1, booth G1.006
    GNSS and inertial navigation solutions for professional geospatial and mapping applications
  • ComNav Technology Ltd. Hall 2, booth C2.006
    High-precision GNSS modules and positioning technologies delivering improved reliability and enhanced productivity for land and aerial surveying and mapping
  • ElevonX Hall 2, booth J2.006
    Long-endurance VTOL UAVs covering vast areas in a single flight, ideal for efficient high-productivity mapping and surveying applications

Suppliers and developers of Geospatial Technology for Drones & Unmanned Systems on UST >>

  • FIXAR AERO SIA Hall 1, booth A1.038
    Autonomous fixed-wing VTOL UAV designed for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications, such as aerial mapping and survey
  • Inertial Labs, Inc. Hall 3, booth A3.095
    Precision inertial sensors: MEMS IMU, GPS-INS, AHRS, Gyros, MRU and high-accuracy LiDAR point cloud generation solution RESEPI
  • iXblue Hall 3, booth E3.026
    State-of-the-art inertial and acoustic positioning systems providing optimal efficiency and reliability for land, sea and aerial missions
  • OxTS Hall 3, booth A3.084
    GNSS INS solutions for direct geo-referencing data from UAVs and powerful software tool OxTS Georeferencer for creating georeferenced 3D pointclouds
  • Phase One Hall 3, booth C3.110
    Powerful, high-accuracy UAV cameras and drone-based aerial photography solutions for efficient and versatile aerial imaging missions
  • Phoenix LiDAR Systems Hall 3, booth F3.122
    High-resolution & long-range LiDAR for airborne surveys & 3D mapping
  • RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH Hall 3, booth D3.110
    LiDAR sensors and systems, remotely piloted airborne platforms for surveying, mapping & bathymetry

Suppliers and developers of Geospatial Technology for Drones & Unmanned Systems on UST >>

  • SBG Systems Hall 3, booth E3.024
    High-accuracy INS/GNSS for UAV-based surveying solutions – inertial navigation systems, AHRS, and IMU Sensors for unmanned systems
  • Schneider Digital Hall 1, booth D1.016
    Advanced hardware solutions for 4K, 3D and AR/VR display applications for mapping, photogrammetry, LiDAR and 3D scanning, and digital modelling
  • Seafloor Systems, Inc. Hall 1, booth C1.027
    Turnkey hydrographic survey solutions – unmanned surface vehicles, vessels and unmanned boats for hydrographic marine surveys
  • Silicon Sensing Hall 3, booth F3.023
    Reliable high-precision MEMS gyroscopes, MEMS accelerometers, IMUs and inertial sensing systems
  • Teledyne Geospatial Hall 1, booth F1.018
    Advanced LiDAR scanners and AI-powered software workflows for geospatial data collection and processing for UAVs, AUVs and unmanned surface vehicles
  • TopCon Hall 2, booth A2.014
    GNSS positioning technology, GNSS receivers and antennas and GNSS network solutions and software
  • VectorNav Hall 3, booth E3.056
    MEMS inertial navigation systems delivering superior accuracy and reliability even under demanding and dynamic real-world conditions
  • YellowScan Hall 1, booth B1.037
    Lightweight survey-grade LiDAR technology for drone mapping and surveying applications, including civil engineering, forestry, environmental research, mining and archaeology
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