Cloud-Based AI Software (SaaS) & Connectivity for Drone Automation, Remote Operation & Fleet Management
VOTIX MANAGE Cloud-based drone operations management software

Cloud-based drone operations management software

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VOTIX MANAGE is a full-featured cloud-based software platform that allows you to manage all aspects of your drone operations, including missions, approvals, logs, media, reporting and analytics. Simplifying operations and providing automation of workflows, VOTIX MANAGE saves time while enhancing safety and compliance.

The platform allows you to create mission requests and approval workflows, control pilot and drone productivity, and keep track of all your missions. VOTIX MANAGE automatically organizes all your data, correlating missions, zones, logs, media, pilots, drones, sensors and Drone-in-Box (DiaB) stations and creating powerful insights and intelligence on your drone operations. Detailed dashboards and reports provide access to all information in one place, enabling improved governance and communication.

Main features of VOTIX MANAGE include:

  • Mission Creation
  • Zone Creation
  • Polygonal 3D Geo-Fencing
  • Customizable Automated Grids
  • Zone KML/KMZ Upload
  • Mission KML/KMZ Importing
  • Mission Approval Workflow
  • Mission Map Paths
  • Map Annotations
  • Operations Calendar
  • Weather Integration
  • FAA LAANC Integration
  • Corporate Systems Integration
  • User/Role Management
  • Pilot Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Sensor Management
  • DIB Management
  • Zone Management
  • Mission Management
  • Media Management
  • Flight Log Importing
  • Captured Mission Data Importing
  • Automatic Captured Media Importing
  • Analytics Dashboards
  • Media Metadata Analysis (coming soon)
  • Pre-Flight Reports
  • Post-Flight Reports