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Custom Electronic Design & Manufacturing, Electronic Engine Management Systems, Engine Control Units (ECU) for Drones & UAV

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Performance Electronics, Ltd.
Custom Electronic Design & Manufacturing, Electronic Engine Management Systems, Engine Control Units (ECU) for Drones & UAV
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Performance Electronics, Ltd. is a leading provider of custom electronic design and manufacturing services for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and unmanned systems. With extensive experience in embedded systems, mechanical design, signal processing, data acquisition and more, we can create bespoke solutions to your exact design requirements.

We also provide a range of engine management systems and electronic control units developed specifically for the UAV industry, with the ability to control every aspect of a small drone engine.

electronic system design

PE4-powered UAV

Electronic System Design & Manufacturing Services

Custom & OEM electronic control systems engineering solutions

Our custom electronic product design services for UAVs and unmanned vehicles encompass the full turnkey development lifecycle from concept through to final production.

We can design to your exact specifications, and can even help you finalise your requirements if you are unsure.

We have the expertise you need to bring your custom UAV electronic designs to life, including hardware and software development, industrial and mechanical design, control systems engineering, and manufacturing and testing.

Custom Electronics Manufacturing Services

Drone Control System Engineering

OEM electronics design service
Custom electronics

Our product creation process encompasses five phases:

Discovery and PlanningPhase 1 – Discovery and Planning
To begin the process, we gather requirements, undertake proof-of-concept studies and formulate the overall system architecture. We also generate the product specification and provide you with project timeline and costs.

electronic system design and DevelopmentPhase 2 – Electronic System Design and Development
This phase involves electronic hardware design, software and app development, as well as mechanical design, simulation and product integration. We create prototypes and perform initial system validation.

electronic control systems Evaluation, Testing and RefinementPhase 3 – System Evaluation, Testing and Refinement
Prototypes are tested and evaluated under both laboratory and real-world conditions. We revise the system design as necessary to achieve customer specifications, and once completed we undertake the final customer review and sign-off prior to production.

electronic components manufacturing Engineering and First ProductionPhase 4 – Manufacturing Engineering and First Production
Manufacturing processes and required tooling are developed, and we design the required production test systems and methodology. An initial small batch of production systems are built.

electronic product designPhase 5 – Ongoing Production and Design Maintenance
We scale up manufacturing to full production, managing the supply chain and inventory for system components. Over time, we optimize and maintain the product design.

Electronic Engine Management Systems

Programmable Drone Engine Control Units (ECU)

custom control solutions for UAVs

UAV powered by Performance Electronics, Ltd.

Drone ECUOur PE4 electronic engine control units (ECUs) for drones and unmanned vehicles are compact, lightweight and capable of controlling every aspect of small two- or four-stroke engines.

We can provide full integration services for both existing and new UAV engine designs and airframes.

Our PE4 engine control units include two injector drivers and two internal ignition coil drivers, CANbus communications, and up to 40 hours of data logging.

All models feature dedicated TPS, MAP, IAT, trigger and sync inputs, two additional generic digital and analog inputs, and tachometer output.

uav electronic components manufacturing

PE-powered UAV engine

A range of other input and output capabilities is also provided, varying by model:


  • Two 0-450°C thermocouple inputs
  • Two 0-1000°C thermocouple inputs
  • Stepper motor driver
  • Four digital outputs


  • Coolant temperature input
  • One 0-1000°C thermocouple input
  • Stepper motor driver
  • Three additional analog inputs
  • Four digital outputs
Drone engine ECU unit


  • Coolant temperature input
  • One 0-450°C thermocouple input
  • Two 0-1000°C thermocouple inputs
  • Stepper motor driver
  • Four digital outputs


  • Three 0-450°C thermocouple inputs
  • One 0-1000°C thermocouple input
  • Two digital outputs for servo operation
  • Two additional digital outputs
Electronic engine management system for uav

All PE4 drone ECUs are provided with our proprietary peMonitor and peViewer software.

Electronic engine control units for drones
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