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HORIZONmp GCS Software Versatile ground control software
HORIZONmp GCS Software

Versatile ground control software

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HORIZONmp GCS Software

HORIZONmp is an intuitive software package for UAV ground control stations that allows operators to monitor the autopilot, set and edit waypoints, upload flight plans and initiate holding patterns, all during flight. The software offers fully integrated video support, including annotation and customizable overlays, as well as multi-UAV support.

The highly configurable software provides real-time display of vital information, including feeds from up to eight user-defined sensors, with all data recorded for post-flight analysis. Other features include:

  • Keep track of no-fly zones, safe altitudes and radio range
  • Fly-by camera, orbit by camera and follow me commands
  • Point and click waypoint editor
  • Flexible communication architecture supports one- to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many topologies
  • Integrated simulator for convenient training