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Ziyan Unveils Long Endurance Unmanned Helicopter at UMEX 2024

Ziyan's Shadow S3 patrol unmanned helicopter can be easily transported and carried in a backpack, and features a wind resistance of level 7, a maximum take-off weight of less than 7kg, and a maximum endurance of 100 minutes By Joe Macey / 30 Jan 2024
Ziyan Shadow S3 Unmanned Helicopter Debut at UMEX
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Ziyan UAS has showcased its new product, the Shadow S3 long endurance unmanned helicopter at UMEX 2024, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center. 

As a next-generation smart aerial platform, the Shadow S3 has undergone a complete upgrade in both its industrial design and performance. Designed to revolutionize operational efficiency, it brings forth several innovative highlights. 

The innovations include:

Lightweight design and portability enabling “single operator” control

Drawing inspiration from elements like the Dugong and Nepalese kukri knife, the Shadow S3 adopts a streamlined design with a bow-shaped fuselage near the tail, integrating a ducted tail rotor. 

This design combines practicality, durability, safety and aesthetics into a single entity. To meet various flexible operational needs, the Shadow S3 utilizes high-performance carbon fiber lightweight materials, allowing for a maximum take-off weight of less than 7kg (including the tri-sensor POD and two smart batteries). The airframe features a tool-free disassembly design, reducing storage volume by up to 50%, making it portable to be easily carried in a backpack and facilitating efficient and effortless transportation during transitions.

100 minutes of ultra-long endurance for long duration patrols

Shadow S3 is equipped with a new smart battery which has key-linked power ON/OFF, battery presence detection features, one-touch battery level check, hot swap and instant plug and play. Combined with the unique millisecond-level speed and pitch adaptive control, S3 collectively maximizes the endurance up to 100 minutes enabling wider operational range, improved continuity, and higher efficiency.

Portable smart battery case

The Shadow S3 supports the configuration of a brand-new smart battery case, providing a one-stop solution for battery management including charging, storage, and transportation. It can fully charge one set of batteries in 75 minutes and can simultaneously accommodate the charging of two sets of batteries (4 pieces). The waterproof battery pack is equipped with swivel wheels and a retractable handle, making it convenient for mobile operations, while providing long-lasting endurance.

Maximum flight speed of 100km/h short transfer time

Thanks to deep integration and optimization in hardware, structure, materials, software, and algorithms, the Shadow S3 achieves a maximum flight speed of 100km/h, allowing it to quickly reach the operation site or rapidly transition. It can maintain stability even during high-speed flights.

User-friendly UIOne-key autonomous operations

Ziyan has introduced a new generation of ground control station with upgraded UI possessing virtual remote-control sticks, full-touchscreen control and a more user-friendly UI interaction. The ground station has a battery which can last up to 10 hours. Coupled with the ZiyanGCS flight software, the ground station enables autonomous operation of the unmanned aircraft and simplifies workflow. ZiyanGCS integrates route assessment function and automatic risk alert, making operations autonomous and safer.

Flight safety in complex operating environments

The Shadow S3 has a wind resistance capability of level 7, and performs impressively in crosswinds. It also adopts multiple redundant designs and is equipped with built-in RTK centimeter-level positioning and 4D millimeter-wave radar obstacle avoidance module, effectively ensuring flight safety and stability. The aircraft has an IP55 protection rating, making it resistant to rain, dust, extreme cold, and extreme heat. It can fly smoothly without any obstacles, crossing mountains and seas.

Single machine multiple functions make industry inspections smarter and more efficient

The S3 carries a high-performance tri-sensor POD, megaphone spotlight, and other mission payloads to meet the diverse operational needs in fields like law enforcement, emergency rescue, oil and gas inspections, maritime and vessel management. Additionally, it incorporates AI recognition capabilities, enabling autonomous tracking and identification of inspection targets, compensating for human visual errors and limitations, and significantly improving operational efficiency and quality. Moreover, it supports personalized development and customization of mission payloads to serve a wider range of industry users.

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