Compact, Micro LiDAR Sensors, Range Finders and Laser Scanners for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles

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LightWare is a leading developer of miniature LiDAR sensors for drones, robotics and self-driving vehicles. Our compact, lightweight microLiDAR™ laser rangefinder systems provide essential vision capabilities for unmanned and autonomous systems, enabling solutions such as sense and avoid, terrain following and precision landing.

Product Comparison:

LightWare SF45 microLiDARSF45 LW20/C microLiDAR Single-beam long-range laser rangefinderLW20/C SF40/C Scanning laser rangefinder for UAVsSF40/C SF000/B Ultra-compact LiDAR scannerSF000/B
Size (mm) 40 x 40 x 35 30 x 20 x 43 70 x 79
(height x diameter)
22 x 34 x 21
Weight (g) 48.3 20 256 8.8
Measurement Range Up to 50m Up to 100m Up to 100m Up to 50m
Measurement Speed Up to 20,000 points/sec Up to 388 readings/sec 20,010 readings/sec Up to 388 readings/sec
Resolution 1cm 1cm 3cm 1cm

SF45 – ultra-miniature scanning microLiDAR

Lightweight laser scanner for drones and UGVs

LightWare SF45 microLiDARThe SF45 is an extremely compact and lightweight scanning microLiDAR sensor featuring a 320º field of view and an update rate of up to 20,000 measurements per second.

Designed to provide enhanced 3D depth perception for UAVs and ground robots, it can be mounted either on the top of the side of a vehicle.

The high-accuracy, high-precision microLiDAR delivers reliable performance even under poor weather conditions and dense vegetation. With a scanning range of 50m in bright sunlight, it is ideal for a wide range of applications including altitude measurement, obstacle detection, sense and avoid, and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping).

LW20/C microLiDAR™ – compact laser scanner

Single-beam long-range laser rangefinder

LW20/C microLiDAR Single-beam long-range laser rangefinderThe LW20/C microLiDAR™ is a compact laser scanner designed to provide professional-grade performance for drones, self-driving cars and vehicles, and other robotic platforms. Measurements can be made up to 100 metres away for long-range remote object detection, and the system provides a rapid scan rate of up to 388 readings per second.

The LW20/C provides driver hardware and software for easy interfacing with servos, enabling the creation of lightweight drone collision avoidance solutions. It can also be used as an altimeter for multirotor UAVs, providing high-accuracy measurements of height above ground level for proximity warning and automated landing systems.

The miniature LiDAR sensor can be easily connected to a wide variety of processors via serial or I2C, and runs from a single 5V power source. A rugged IP67-rated enclosure provides protection against water and dust.

Learn more: LW20/C microLiDAR™

SF40/C – collision sensing single beam rangefinder

Scanning laser rangefinder for UAVs

SF40/C Scanning laser rangefinder for UAVsThe SF40/C is a 360-degree scanning laser rangefinder designed specifically for UAVs.

With a range of up to 100 metres and the ability to make 20 thousand measurements per second, it is ideal for assisted drone takeoff and landing, collision avoidance and SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) applications.

The SF40/C features configurable alarm zones with definable distance, angular width and aiming direction for easy proximity alert setup. Data can also be streamed via serial to an external host controller for analysis.

SF000/B – ultra-miniature TOF laser rangefinder

Ultra-compact LiDAR scanner with fast update rate

SF000/B Ultra-compact LiDAR scanner with fast update rateThe SF000/B is an ultra-miniature time-of-flight laser rangefinder intended for highly SWaP (size, weight and power)-limited applications. Measuring just 22 x 34 x 21 millimeters and weighing only 8.8 grams, it features a configurable scan rate of up to 388 readings per second.

The SF000/B is almost completely immune to background light, wind and noise, making it ideal for rapid, high-accuracy obstacle detection. The miniature LiDAR sensor operates from a 5V DC power source and can be easily interfaced to a variety of processors via serial or I2C.

Unmanned and Autonomous Vehicle Applications

microLiDAR for drones

Assisted UAV Takeoff & Landing

Aerial LiDAR scanners are an ideal solution for UAV VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) operations, providing high-accuracy measurements for autonomous takeoff and landing in confined spaces. They can also facilitate other high-precision drone operations such as package retrieval.

Sense & Avoid

Sense and avoid systems are critical for UAS safety, providing obstacle detection and collision avoidance in busy airspace. Our lightweight LiDAR sensors can provide extremely rapid distance measurements, allowing drones to react quickly to unexpected changes in their environment.

Self-Driving Vehicles

Our laser rangefinders provide essential intelligence for self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles, providing 360-degree monitoring of the changing world around them. With thousands of high-accuracy measurements per second, our LiDAR sensors enable safe and effective autonomous driving and operations.


LiDAR sensing provides data for SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping), allowing UAVs and robots to navigate in GPS-denied environments such as underground caves and mines.

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Compact, Micro LiDAR Sensors, Range Finders and Laser Scanners for Drones and Autonomous Vehicles
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