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High-End Tactical UAS Manufacturer Selects Actuator Supplier

Airbus has chosen Volz Servos as a partner for its SIRTAP UAS, who will supply DA 26 actuators with brushless motors and contactless wear free position sensors for safety & reliability By Abi Wylie / 11 Jul 2024
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German actuator specialist Volz Servos GmbH has been awarded a contract by Airbus to be the supplier for Airbus’ SIRTAP high-end tactical unmanned aerial system (UAS). 

Volz will provide the Airbus SIRTAP drones with DA 26 actuators for the air conditioning system.

The DA 26 features a brushless motor and a contactless wear free position sensor for maximum safety and reliability. This means maximum service life with the greatest-possible power delivery and its design prevents electromagnetic emissions (EMI) caused by brush sparking. 

The housing — made of saltwater-resistant aluminum — is HART-coat treated, and also meets the IP-67 standard for water and dust sealing while providing an integrated Sub-D connector — MIL spec. circular connector or cable gland on request. Brackets are integrated in the housing for horizontal and vertical assembly.

DA 26 actuators have been subjected to endurance tests of more than 3 million cycles (more than 2,000 hours), and have been proven in applications such as the Schiebel Camcopter S100. 

SIRTAP’s dual applications will offer a wide array of missions tailored to the operational needs of customers both in the institutional and governmental markets like day/night and maritime Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions. 

Volz CEO Phillipp Volz said; “We are extremely proud that Airbus has decided to rely on Volz Servos for the SIRTAP UAS project. This reinforces our conviction that our unique skill combination of agility and experience, high quality and reliability and not least certifiability is convincing even for big aviation players.” 

He continued; “The DA 26 actuators are perfect for the control of SIRTAP air doors to ensure appropriate equipment environment due to the greatest-possible power delivery and maximum safety and reliability, guaranteed by a brushless motor and a contactless, wear free position sensor.”

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