Simulation Software for Unmanned Vehicle Systems

Simulation Software for Unmanned Vehicle Systems
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VT MÄK develops realistic 3D simulated environments, using a suite of COTS software products, as well as custom developments.

We deliver solutions to a wide variety of customers in such diverse fields as aerospace, defense and air traffic management, allowing clients to explore challenges and visualize problems that may be too expensive, risky or difficult to test in real life.

Our software solutions have been used to create tools including scenario generators, After-Action Report systems, role-playing training systems for both trainees and instructors, and controller stations for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS).


Realistic 3D Simulation Software

The VR-Forces simulation environment is a complete solution for creating and executing scenarios and training missions. The powerful powerful and flexible Computer Generated Forces (CGF) platform can model many aspects of the battlefield including human entities, vehicles (UAVs, AUVs, UGVs), terrain, and weapons and communications systems. An easy-to-use GUI allows you to build scenarios with a point-and-click interface, with the ability to switch between 2D and 3D editing modes.

Whether you need a threat generator for training and mission rehearsal systems, a synthetic environment for experimentation, or an engine to stimulate C4I systems, VR-Forces is powerful enough to get your job done.

B-HAVE Module

Artificial Intelligence Behavior Modeling

The B-HAVE (Brains for Human Activities in Virtual Environments) Module adds enhanced artificial intelligence to the VR-Forces simulation environment. With B-HAVE, simulation entities can make use of more intelligent navigation, path planning and terrain analysis, and decision-making.


Simulation & VR Applications Networking Toolkit

The VR-Link toolkit allows you to network together simulators and other virtual reality applications that use the industry standard High Level Architecture (HLA) or the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocols. The provided top-level API is protocol independent, abstracting away specific networking details.


Protocol-Independent VR-Link API


VR-Link is also available in an interoperability package for the Unity game engine, allowing you to connect Unity-based games with external simulation environments.

MÄK Data Logger

Simulation Recording and Replay

The MÄK Data Logger provides a way to capture and replay data from your simulations, allowing for easy analysis and After-Action Review. Simulation recordings can be zoomed into, edited, and manipulated in a variety of ways.


High-Performance HLA Run Time Infrastructure

The MÄK Run-Time Infrastructure allows for efficient communication between HLA simulations. The diagnostic RTIspy software gives you the freedom to monitor, debug and customize many aspects of the RTI.

MAK Run-Time Infrastructure


High-Performance Visual Scenes

The VR-Vantage platform provides a way to create powerful 2D and 3D visualization applications for your simulations. Platform components allow you to incorporate information stations, real-time maps, and sensor and out-the-window views.

MAK-VR Vantage


Streaming Terrain for Modeling & Simulation

This Streaming Terrain Server can be installed on a private network behind a firewall to deliver streaming terrain data to multiple simulation and visualization applications.

MAK VR-TheWorld Streaming Terrain-Server


Supply your simulations with terrain data from a wide variety of formats.

The powerful physics engine provides a collision graph and vector network, allowing for new terrain approaches without the need for separate loaders or converters.

WebLVC Server

Web Connectivity & Web Apps

WebLVC web-based applications provide interaction with your simulations via a web browser to any device permitted to connect to your simulation network, whether at the firing range, on the customer’s premises, or in the field. WebLVC Servers can be hosted inside your firewall.


Training and Customized Software Solutions

In addition to software solutions, VT MÄK also delivers a wide variety of engineering services, to further help you develop your own unique applications.

Simulation Content Creation

We can help you populate your simulations with new models and terrain, add complex behaviour models and intelligence to your entities, and develop realistic scenarios.

Software Customization

Should your development resources be stretched, we can help your customize our products to your particular needs, whether it be GUI tailoring, adding custom features, or porting to a new platform.


We can help your simulations connect with systems that use a variety of protocols, including HLA/DIS, C4I, LVC and GIS.

Research and Development

Our active R&D department works to provide state-of-the-art developments in environmental modelling, human behaviour and artificial intelligence, and advanced visualization including infrared, thermal and night-vision views.


We offer training on all aspects of simulation design and development, from basic courses on any of our products through to system architecture design. Courses may be aimed at end users, more advanced users and modelers, or developers.

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