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Starter Generators Power generation for hybrid UAV propulsion
Starter Generators

Power generation for hybrid UAV propulsion

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Starter Generators

Our starter generators provide the power generation capabilities of an alternator and are ideal for hybrid drone power systems, delivering enough torque to start internal combustion engines from the onboard battery. The robust units absorb uneven combustion produced by engine torque and can withstand temperatures of up to 400 degrees F (205 degrees C), featuring an advanced active air-cooling

UAV Starter generators

The starter generators enable temporary switching to electric power in order to reduce the noise of internal combustion engines, and allow engines to be supported during times of peak power. A number of customizable options are available, including:

  • Bearingless mounting of the starter generator directly onto the engine
  • Direct mount on engine crankshaft with custom shaft interface ring
  • Customizable active air-cooling rotor hub
  • Optional K-type thermal sensor to measure winding temperature
  SG750 SG1500 SG3000 SG6000 SG12000
Dimensions (DxL) 101 x 28.6 mm (3.98 x  1,13 in) 127 x 40 mm (5.0 x 1.27 in) 127 x 40 mm (5.0 x 1.27 in) 186 x 50 mm (7.32 x 1.7 in) 10 x 68 mm (7.48 x 2.68 in)
Weight (with bearing) 440g (0.97 lb) 1132g (2.5 lb) 1132g (2.5 lb) 2450g (5.4 lb) 4300g (9.48 lb)
Weight (without bearing) 415g (0.91 lb) 1093g (2.41 lb) 1093g (2.41 lb) 2350g (5.18 lb) 4300g (9.48 lb)
Max Power 1000W 2000W 4000W <9000W >14000W
Voltage Constant (no load, line-to-line) 7.4 vac/1000 RPM 6.6 vac/1000 RPM 6.6 vac/1000 RPM 7.5 vac/1000 RPM 7.4 vac/1000 RPM
KV Rating 100 112 112 92