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Optional Add-Ons for Drone Propulsion Systems by Vertiq

Vertiq's second-generation products are designed to accommodate a wide range of add-ons to tailor drone propulsion solutions specifically to customer requirements By Sarah Simpson / 22 Mar 2024
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Vertiq, a developer of high-performance servo propulsion systems for unmanned aerial systems, is now able to offer optional add-ons to the company’s next-generation drone propulsion modules.

These add-ons include: custom connectors, arm mounting, LEDs, and covers to increase module IP rating.

A Vertiq “base module” consists of an integrated motor and ESC with an embedded position sensor. Building off of the base module, Vertiq can work with partners and customers to attach add-ons such as stator and rotor covers, LEDs, and various power and communication connectors.

As well as working with partners to customize add-ons to optimize vehicle design and functionality, Vertiq also offers off-the-shelf add-ons.

Benefits from customised add-ons include:

  • Rotor cover, elevates max continuous output torque and IP rating
  • Coil cover to increase IP rating
  • Stator cover designed to ease of integration with the drone arm, plus increase IP rating
  • LEDs; white and/or RGB lights controlled through Vertiq’s ESC
  • Connectors for ease of integration and enabling specific communication protocol

All Vertiq drone propulsion modules utilize a range of communication protocols including DroneCAN, DShot, PWM and more, and are compatible with ArduPilot and PX4 drone flight controllers.

Vertiq remains committed to developing high performance, NDAA-compliant drone servo motors and electronic speed controllers (ESCs).

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