Industrial Drone Propulsion: High Performance Servos for Aerial Vehicles
UP12 Drone Propeller 12-inch propeller for industrial sUAS
UP12 Drone Propeller

12-inch propeller for industrial sUAS

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UP12 Drone Propeller

The UP12 is a 12-inch underactuated variable-pitch propeller designed for small industrial UAVs and drones. The propeller's unique design features a hub with a 45 degree hinge through the center of mass, and two blades that are connected via flapping hinges. This enables the propeller to produce thrust as well as roll and pitch torques in two axes.

This design provides three degrees of freedom with just a single motor and propeller, resulting in increased efficiency and simpler propulsion systems, and enabling entirely new designs of UAV. The UP12 is intended to be paired with the Vertiq 23-06 2200Kv propulsion module with pulsing firmware, using Vertiq's proprietary IQUART flight controller interface.


Diameter 304.8 mm
Pitch 101.6 mm
Mass 32.6 g
Nominal Thrust 250 g
Max Continuous Thrust 360 g
Max Torque 0.17 Nm at nominal thrust
Thrust Efficiency 11 g/W at nominal thrust