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RW79 Aircooled Wankel-based auxiliary power unit

Aircooled Wankel-based auxiliary power unit

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The RW1-79 is a Wankel-based auxiliary power unit (APU) with an integrated 11kW generator, designed for fixed-wing UAVs with high electrical load requirements as well as VTOL aircraft. It utilizes advanced electronic fuel injection and proprietary ultrasonic fuel injectors to ensure consistent performance around a variety of operating temperatures and altitudes.

The unit delivers a robust power output of 11kW continuous and 16 kW peak. A distribution controller partitions this power into four independent groups, each with four channels, all operating at 48V. These channels can be combined into groups of 96, 144, 192, or 384 volts, allowing for versatile power configurations.

The rugged and lightweight unit features ultra-modern materials and manufacturing processes that have eliminated issues traditionally seen with Wankel rotary systems. The outer surfaces have been hard anodized and primed, and all connectors are sealed and mil-spec.

Engine type Wankel, Rotary hybrid
Core Weight 5.2 kg
Displacement 79cc
Length/Width/Height 198(L) x 168 (H) x 140 (W) mm
Power 22hp
Electric output power 11kW (up to 16kW TOGA)
Cooling Forced air
Fuel system Throttleless Two Stage Fuel Injection. eSupercharger
Fuel type Aviation kerosine (JET-A), SAF
Specific Fuel Consumption (cruise) 220-240gr/hp*hour
TBO (estimate) 1000 hours
Control Ethernet, CAN 2.0B J1339/29bit; ADLM + TrueTorque
Electric System 14.4/28/48V Internal alternator / starter; Internal starter battery pack 5Ah
Electric output 48/96/144/196/400V 4group x 4 channels