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Compact Image Processor Released for Enhanced Tracking & Target Detection

Purpose-built for size and weight-constrained applications, Chess Dynamics’ Vision4ce Mini CHARM image processor is designed for integration into lightweight camera systems, providing advanced image processing capabilities for drones, robotics and unmanned systems By William Mackenzie / 24 Apr 2024
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The Vision4ce Mini CHARM image processor from Chess Dynamics is specifically designed for size and weight-constrained applications, such as drones and small tactical vehicles.

New Compact Image Processor for Drones to Enhance Tracking & Target Detection

The Mini CHARM’s flexible software framework supports a wide range of image processing tasks, including AI-based target detection, tracking and classification. The real-time, low-latency processing enables rapid decision-making and accurate performance in critical situations.

The image processor’s compact design and efficient operation makes it ideal for integration into small, lightweight camera systems, offering leading image processing capabilities to space-constrained platforms, particularly airborne applications.

Developers of real-time video and image processing solutions, Chess Dynamics’ Mini CHARM offers a powerful and flexible solution for electro-optical system manufacturers and integrators seeking advanced image processing capabilities in a compact footprint. 

Chess Dynamics states that the launch expands and complements the existing Vision4ce CHARM product line of image processors. The company’s extensive experience in developing the Vision4ce branded real-time image processors for electro-optical systems enabled the development of this miniaturized solution. 

With a team bringing decades of experience in land, sea, and air applications, Chess Dynamics offers a comprehensive suite of products and support services to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Steve Hogg, Director of Image Processing at Chess Dynamics, commented; “The Mini CHARM leverages the proven performance and reliability of the CHARM product range, delivering these capabilities in a miniaturised form factor. This new product empowers manufacturers and integrators to develop next-generation camera systems that meet the demanding requirements of modern applications.”

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