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RIEGL Provides Drone LiDAR Mapping & Surveying Solutions

By Mike Ball / 05 Jun 2020
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RIEGL, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional solutions for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle)-based LiDAR surveying, has partnered with Unmanned Systems Technology (“UST”) to demonstrate their expertise in this field. The ‘Platinum’ profile highlights how their LiDAR sensors, laser scanning systems and drone platforms can provide reliable high-quality data for forestry, construction, mining, topography, hydrographic surveys and many other applications.

miniVUX-2UAV - Compact drone LiDAR sensorThe RIEGL miniVUX-2UAV is a lightweight, compact LiDAR sensor designed for unmanned platforms with restricted layouts or payload capacities, offering 100 kHz and 200 kHz laser pulse repetition rate (PRR). With 200 kHz PRR, the sensor provides up to 200,000 measurements per second and thus a dense point pattern on the ground for UAV-based applications that require the acquisition of small objects.

RIEGL’s unique Waveform-LiDAR technology allows echo digitization and online waveform processing, with multi-target resolution for penetrating even dense foliage. The wavelength of the miniVUX-2UAV is also optimized for the measurement of snowy and icy terrain. Mechanical and electrical interfaces are provided for external IMU integration, and scan data can be stored on an easily accessible SD card, or streamed via LAN-TCP/IP.

VUX-240 – lightweight UAV laser scannerThe RIEGL VUX-240 is a lightweight airborne laser scanner designed for fixed-wing and multirotor UAVs as well as unmanned helicopters. With scan speeds of up to 400 lines per second, the system can efficiently and accurately cover large areas even from fast-moving UAVs.

A 75-degree field of view and ultra-fast data acquisition rate of up to 1.8 MHz makes the sensor ideally suited for high point density corridor mapping applications. RIEGL’s state-of-the-art Waveform-LiDAR technology provides echo digitization, online waveform processing, and multi-target capability for penetrating even dense foliage.

Riegl VQ-840-G for Topographic and Bathymetric LiDAR ScanningThe RIEGL VQ-840-G is a compact and lightweight laser scanner for combined bathymetric and topographic surveying. The system is offered with an optionally integrated and factory-calibrated GNSS/IMU system and can be complemented with an optional camera or IR rangefinder. A visible green laser provides water penetration for high-resolution surveying of underwater topography and measurement of submerged targets.

A measurement rate of up to 200 kHz and high scanning speed of up to 100 scans/sec provides superior spatial resolution, and the system offers concurrent full waveform storage of all measurements for subsequent analysis. The VQ-840-G is ideal for a wide range of applications, including coastline and shallow water mapping, surveying for hydraulic engineering, and hydro-archaeological surveys.

RIEGL miniVUX-1DL – UAV LiDAR Sensor Optimized for Corridor MappingThe RIEGL miniVUX-1DL is a downward-facing laser scanner for UAVs that is specially tailored to corridor mapping applications such as inspection and monitoring of railways, roads, power lines and other infrastructure and utilities.

With a 46-degree field of view, the sensor utilizes a circular scan pattern that produces excellent point density and point distribution. RIEGL’s state-of-the-art Waveform-LiDAR technology allows echo digitization and online waveform processing, with multi-target resolution for penetrating even dense foliage.

RiCOPTER with VUX-SYSThe RiCOPTER with VUX-SYS is a ready-to-fly airborne laser scanning UAS that integrates RIEGL’s RiCOPTER UAV with a complete, fully integrated, miniaturized airborne laser scanning system, which comprises the RIEGL VUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor, a high performance IMU/GNSS system, and camera(s).

The complete system is designed for acquisition of high-accuracy, high-resolution laser scan and image data for a wide variety of survey-grade professional applications, such as precision agriculture and forestry, aerial pipeline inspection and urban environment surveying.

RiCOPTER-M Professional Multirotor DroneThe RiCOPTER-M is an enhanced variant of the RiCOPTER multirotor drone, featuring an increased payload capacity of 15kg that allows survey professionals to fly multiple UAV LiDAR sensors, along with RGB, thermal and other cameras, in a single mission in highly sensitive areas and situations of limited access.

Critical safety features include the RiCopterControl redundant flight control system, and an ADS-B/Mode-S transponder that allows the UAV to be used in conjunction with air traffic management and in close proximity to manned aircraft. The command and control link is available in 433, 868 or 915 MHz, and the system can deliver 5.8 GHz video downstream.

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