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SBG Systems “SmartFusion” Inertial Data Fusion Engine Enhances Vehicle Stabilization and Navigation

By Caroline Rees / 25 Jul 2012
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SBG Systems announces “SmartFusion”, its breakthrough data fusion engine – embedded in IG-500 series – designed to enhance vehicles stabilization and navigation. At the core of SmartFusion is a deep redesign of the on-board Extended Kalman Filter, based on field motion data. Developed from thousands of hours of data logs recorded by valued customers using aircrafts, ROVs, UGVs or UAVs, SmartFusion is the most powerful and finely tuned engine of its class. This release introduces major evolutions such as Motion Profiles for precise and easy sensor configuration, new dedicated features, and strong sensor performance enhancements. SmartFusion is additional proof of SBG Systems’ expertise in the Motion Industry and in Algorithm Design.

SmartFusion: Accuracy & Proven Performance in all Vehicles Applications To improve algorithm performance, SBG Systems worked closely with customers selected to represent main applications such as Unmanned Vehicles control, camera/antenna stabilization or aircraft avionics. Thousands of hours of data records have been collected as a basis for algorithm writing. From this raw data, the development team was able to finely tune and validate complex algorithms on each environment.

“SmartFusion design represents a wonderful collaboration with our customers to strongly enhance our data fusion technology. Thanks to our advanced processes, SmartFusion is the most powerful engine in its class” proudly states Alexis Guinamard, CTO of SBG Systems. Furthermore, all algorithms have been tested and adjusted with a “Hardware in the loop” process to check and prove sensor accuracy, reliability and performance.

With Motion Profiles, SmartFusion Makes Inertial Systems Integration “As Easy as a Click” Motion Profiles make advanced configuration easy with the Extended Kalman Filter. Additionally, this system is calibrated to application constraints for the best performance achievement. For example, if you want to install the IG-500 system in a fixed wings UAV, you only have to select the « Aircraft High Dynamics» motion profile and all parameters will be automatically adjusted.

SmartFusion Motion Profiles include more than just Kalman Filter parameters; they also adjust to Vibration level, Dynamic model, Magnetic disturbance immunity, and specific application constraints. Moreover, the interface gives customers the freedom to choose some advanced parameters, and offers useful suggestions such as Recommended heading sources or Placement requirements. The most requested applications are available as a Motion Profile. This includes Airplane, Helicopter, Automotive, Marine, Underwater, etc. A customized profile can also be designed for another specific environment.

SmartFusion data fusion engine greatly enhances vehicles stabilization & navigation

As part of the continuous effort to provide the best-in-class accuracy, the SmartFusion Extended Kalman Filter has been deeply redesigned to enhance vehicles stabilization & navigation:
– The highest vibration immunity on the market – Vibration immunity has been improved by a factor of 100, making IG-500 the best-in-class series in critical environment. This level has been reached thanks to advanced FIR filtering techniques combined with extensive testing.
– Strong latency reduction – <5ms in normal mode and <3ms in high performance mode
– 1000Hz coning integrals – to track high-speed motion and get a more accurate orientation
– Faster Kalman Filter initialization and optional start-up bias acquisition
– More robust Gyroscope bias estimation – especially in harsh environments
– Automatic Odometer gain – constantly corrected by GPS

SmartFusion Adds Useful New Functions to the IG-500 Series

As a result of continuously listening to our customers’ needs, the SBG Systems development team added to SmartFusion useful new functions in IG-500 sensors:
– Heave measurement – A unique feature at this level of size and price
– Vertical gyroscope mode – for best performance in magnetic denied environments
– Automatic local gravity & magnetic declination computation
– GPS + accelerations Heading – offers an additional solution when magnetometers, GPS true heading, or course are not available
– GPS Anti-Jamming technology for position integrity check

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