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UGV Robot Manufacturer & Developer of Unmanned Systems, UAS and Robotic Vehicles
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GESAR Inc is a leading customised robotics manufacturer specialising in unmanned systems for civilian, tactical and industrial applications.

We provide autonomous and semi-autonomous robot UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), tactical tracked UGVs, inspection robots for military and industrial use, unmanned tractors for precision agriculture and VTOL UAS (unmanned aerial systems) for surveillance and emergency response applications.


We also offer a range of robotics engineering consulting services, providing solutions tailored to your unique business requirements using state-of-the art simulation and manufacturing capabilities. To find out more about how GESAR can develop a custom robotic system to suit your needs, please get in touch.

Siberian Husky 1000 UGV

husky ugv

The Siberian Husky 1000 is a tactical robotic vehicle designed to climb over almost any obstacle and traverse stairs and other terrain that often poses difficulties to ground robots. The tracked UGV can be equipped with a variety of cameras to provide 360-degree vision, and high-power LED lighting for visibility under almost any lighting conditions.


The tracked robot can be manufactured to custom sizes and can be equipped with multiple payloads to suit a variety of terrains and applications. Multiple long-range analogue and digital datalink options for command and control are available.

Siberian Husky UGV

Applications for the Siberian Husky 1000 unmanned ground vehicle include:

Remote Surveillance and Reconnaissance
The UGV can be equipped with low-light camera systems for operation during the day and at night

Hazardous Environments and Hostage Negotiation
The robotic vehicle allows operators to survey difficult or dangerous environments while keeping out of harm’s way, and can utilise a two-way audio link for hostage negotiation missions

Remote Room Clearance
Provides military and emergency response personnel with a safe, easy-to-deploy method of clearing rooms and buildings, providing audio and video surveillance of potential threats

More information: Siberian Husky 1000 UGV >

NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) & Industrial Inspection Robots

industrial ugv

We can develop custom robots, including climbers and crawlers, for a variety of industrial environments and critical structures, such as large storage tanks, wind turbine blades, pressure vessels, dams and walls.industrial inspection robot

Our robotic systems are capable of navigating complex structures and confined spaces, eliminating risks to human operators and reducing the downtime of industrial facilities.

Our industrial inspection robots can be used as an essential part of a preventative maintenance program, doing away with the need for cranes, ropes and scaffolding. Robotic vehicles can be fitted with a range of cameras and sensors to facilitate non-destructive testing, including visual, radiographic, magnetic particle and ultrasonic testing.

More information: NDT & Inspection Robots >

Precision Agriculture UGVs

We can develop advanced self-driving and autonomous tractors and other land robots for precision agriculture applications such as seeding, irrigation, harvesting, and data collection.

Our robots provide cost-effective solutions to labour shortages and other challenges faced by the agricultural industry, allowing farmers to maximise productivity, increase yield and take advantage of narrow windows of opportunity for seeding and crop harvesting.

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