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Strategic Partnership Between Ziyan & Phase One Announced

The combination of Phase One’s industrial cameras with Ziyan’s quickly deployable wind-resistant unmanned helicopters, will empower the intelligent inspection of power grids, wind turbines, photovoltaics, and other utility resources By Sarah Simpson / 01 Jul 2024
Strategic Partnership Between Ziyan & Phase One Announced
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Ziyan and Phase One have formed a strategic partnership to leverage their respective strengths and address the needs of the drone inspection industry.

The goal is to explore innovative applications of drone and imaging technologies in various fields, such as power and energy inspections, to provide safer, more efficient, intelligent, and precise industry solutions for global users.

Phase One is a world leader in medium-format digital photography systems and imaging solutions for professional photographers and industrial applications. Founded in 1993 and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Phase One meets the high standards of Nordic design. With offices in New York, London, Tokyo, Cologne, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, and Tel Aviv, and a team of experts working with global partners, Phase One is dedicated to providing the best photographic experience and image quality to users worldwide.

Phase One’s industrial cameras are renowned for their leading global shutter technology, ultra-high megapixels, and a wide range of field-of-view options. When combined with the flexible, long-endurance, wind-resistant, and quickly deployable Ziyan unmanned helicopters, visual information can be collected rapidly, safely, accurately, and efficiently.

Phase One iXM-100 Features:

  • 100 Megapixel Ultra-High-Resolution for capturing images with exceptional detail
  • 3 Frames Per Second Burst Rate that quickly records continuous dynamic scenes
  • Electronic Global Shutter Design which produces clear images without motion blur

Ziyan’s electric VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are designed for civilian and industrial applications and are flexible, long-endurance, wind-resistant, and quickly deployable. Unmanned helicopter solutions include:

Blowfish A4 Unmanned Helicopter

Power Line Inspection

In power line inspections, common defects in power equipment mainly include conductor defects and spacer defects.

Power Line Inspection
  • Conductor defects primarily involve conductor breakage, burrs, and discoloration. These defects can lead to overvoltage and overcurrent issues, causing power accidents and threatening life and property safety.
  • Spacer defects mainly include missing pins and structural deficiencies, which may cause equipment failure and reduce the reliability of the power system.

Using drones for power inspections can cover large areas in a single flight and capture clear details of power components, allowing comprehensive fault location and saving inspection time, thereby improving work efficiency.

Wind Turbine Non-Stop Inspection

Traditional wind turbine inspection methods face many challenges:

  • Manual high-altitude operations are not only risky but also inefficient.
  • Using binoculars for long-distance visual inspection makes it difficult to capture small fault points and accurately assess defect conditions.
  • Shutdown inspections incur high economic costs.

In contrast, Phase One’s drone-based wind turbine non-stop inspection solution can capture defects on each blade with a resolution of up to 12,768 x 9,564 pixels without interrupting power generation. This significantly reduces the loss of power generation and the wear and tear on equipment and grids due to frequent starts and stops, enhancing inspection efficiency and safety.

Wind farm locations are typically chosen based on wind speed considerations to ensure power generation efficiency. These areas, whilst rich in wind resources, also face challenges of complex terrain and weather conditions, posing strict requirements on the wind resistance and environmental adaptability of inspection drones.

Ziyan unmanned helicopters, with their level 7 wind resistance and excellent environmental adaptability, can handle these challenges with ease. Whether in high-altitude mountains or offshore wind farms, Ziyan drones can operate stably. With long-endurance capabilities, inspection efficiency is doubled.

As intelligent drone inspection technology becomes more widespread, improving detection efficiency, ensuring flight safety, inspecting complex environments, and processing imaging recognition have become focal points for industry attention and development.

The strong alliance between Ziyan drones and Phase One industrial cameras will maximize the quality and efficiency of power and energy inspections. In the future, Ziyan looks forward to collaborating with more partners to provide higher quality and more efficient solutions for global users.

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