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Cambridge Pixel SPx Tracker-3D: A software-based radar tracker for E-scan (non-rotating radars)

By Cambridge Pixel / 29 Mar 2022
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Cambridge Pixel's new SPx Tracker-3D is a primary/IFF radar tracker, with automatic track initiation that takes in plots (rather than video) from the sensor to create and maintain tracks, which can be output in ASTERIX format for external display or fusion processing. The software is capable of tracking up to 4000 targets, and allows users to configure target dynamics and heights appropriately, associating new plots with existing tracks, so that positions can be accurately updated using a Kalman filter. This is essential to ensure that noise from the measurement and possible manoeuvres of the targets are taken into account, filtering to accommodate varying degrees of uncertainty in the measurement process. Where new plots cannot be associated with existing tracks they become candidates for new tracks that can be promoted, after a period of confidence build-up.

SPx Tracker-3D is compatible with Windows 10 (or later) and Linux, has a browser-based interface for initial configuration and reads terrain data at startup to define the 3D space surrounding the sensor, assessing whether targets are likely to be lost because of the terrain. Operators are able to move the viewpoint in real-time to help inspect targets, enjoying visualisation of plots, tracks, terrain and the associated configuration data.

Cambridge Pixel's world-leading SPx suite of software and applications provide highly flexible modules of expertise, that are either ready-to-run or configurable to a specific setting or project.

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