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SPx Tracking Server Radar processing & target tracking software for USVs
SPx Tracking Server

Radar processing & target tracking software for USVs

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SPx Tracking Server

SPx Server is a COTS radar data extraction and target tracking software suite for USVs that examines polar format primary or IFF radar video for target-like returns, and correlates from scan to scan to provide positional and motion updates for tracking. It can be interfaced directly to vessel hardware or work with radar video sent over a network.

The system software includes the SPx Processing library, which provides a comprehensive range of radar processing capabilities, including:

  • Gain control
  • Area-based video removal (masking)
  • CFAR thresholding
  • Interference suppression
  • and many other functions

User-defined processes may be incorporated into the processing workflow, allowing for custom solutions that use SPx as the integrating framework.

A variety of parameters can be configured to customize performance of the tracker to suit specific requirements, including:

  • Minimum/maximum target speed
  • Fixed or adaptive gain
  • Expected target dynamics
  • Measurement noise estimates
  • Target size limitations

SPx Server is designed to run on standard Intel PC or SBC hardware under Windows or Linux. It supports network distribution of radar video and track reports to remote clients in SPx, ASTERIX or NMEA-0183 formats.