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Drone Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs for Commercial Operators and OEMs

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Robotic Skies
Drone Maintenance, Servicing and Repairs for Commercial Operators and OEMs
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Robotic Skies is the first and only worldwide network of drone service centers providing aviation-grade drone maintenance and repairs for commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

We provide customized and turnkey solutions to suit UAS fleet operations and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), no matter the fleet size or location.

Drone Maintenance & Repair Service Centers

Global network providing local drone servicing

The Robotic Skies Drone Service Company Network currently features 200 (and growing) hand-selected, independently owned and operated drone servicing and repair shops, spanning 43 countries.

Each Drone Service Company is evaluated and selected from the existing aviation and avionics industries.

Robotic Skies Service Centers carry drone maintenance and repair certifications from the local civil aviation authority (an FAA Part 145 repair station certificate or equivalent), and all technicians are trained to the highest quality standards.

Drone Maintenance Services

UAV Maintenance and UAV Repair

Our years of experience in unmanned aviation combined with the skillset of professionally trained aviation and avionics repair technicians gives our Service Centers the unmatched expertise to provide UAV repair, UAV maintenance, and field upgrade services for high-end commercial UAVs.

The convenience of local drone repair shops reduces the cost and risk of transporting unmanned aircraft over long distances to remote facilities and increases productivity with accelerated return-to-service schedules.

Drone Repair

Robotic Skies is a key participant in prominent aviation and standards committees such as NBAA, ASTM, and GAMA. We are actively involved in the development of commercial UAS industry guidance and regulations, helping you stay ahead of the curve as unmanned aviation requirements continue to evolve.

Services for Commercial Operators

We provide scalable drone repair and maintenance solutions for commercial drone operators that allow you to keep your fleet flying with a minimum of downtime. Our local drone Service Centers reduce the risks and costs of shipping drones to remote facilities, maximising your business productivity and ensuring you don’t miss out on new opportunities.

Local Drone Repair

Professional field maintenance and repair

Drone Service Company

Convenient local access to certified technicians

Drone Maintenance and Repairs

Expertise in regulatory compliance

Professional support through Robotic Skies protects your investment in UAS and offers peace of mind while you concentrate on mission planning, execution and business development.

As commercial drone operations become more complex, Robotic Skies provides the expertise you need to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape. Regulations will require that operators establish how and when they will perform and document unmanned aircraft inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Robotic Skies’ support services for commercial and enterprise drone operators include:

  • Scheduled and unscheduled drone maintenance
  • Priority aircraft on ground (AOG) repairs
  • Inspection intervals
  • Field upgrades
  • Record keeping
  • Continued airworthiness.

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Programs for OEMs

Turnkey aviation-grade maintenance and UAV repairs

Our maintenance and repair programs for OEMs allow you to stay focused on your core business of developing and selling new products, while we ensure the ongoing reliability and safety of your UAVs and help you to maintain exceptional customer service standards.

With our global network of Drone Service Companies, your customers can stay productive and minimize the downtime caused by shipping drones to remote repair facilities, resulting in increased satisfaction and more repeat business.

We can tailor UAV repair and UAV maintenance programs to the exact needs of you and your customers and ensure compliance with any new UAS regulations.

Drone Maintenance Services

All of our hand-selected Service Centers are staffed with professionally trained technicians.

Our drone support services for original equipment manufacturers of UAVs and drones include:

  • Preventive drone maintenance, servicing, and inspection
  • Aircraft-on-ground (AOG) situations
  • Parts logistics
  • Field upgrades
  • Airframe assembly & completion
  • Records management
  • Continued airworthiness.
Drone Servicing
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