Inertial Sense Luna

Automated Navigation System: Sense and Control Robotics Navigation for Unmanned Systems

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Inertial Sense Luna
Automated Navigation System: Sense and Control Robotics Navigation for Unmanned Systems
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The LUNA Platform is an automated navigation system meant for robotics companies who want to make their existing fleet unmanned and automated.

Inertial Sense developed the robotics navigation platform as a solution to the need for accurate, position-based navigation among product companies. Their automated vehicle system is best suited for robotics companies in the lawn care, agriculture, cleaning industries.

Automated Navigation System

How the automated vehicle sensor system works

Incorporate the LUNA platform whenever you want to know exactly your robot’s location, performance, and path. Use the robotic navigation platform to automate, monitor, and control individual robots or entire fleets.

Vision processing, position calculation, mapping, object detection

Camera, IS, GPS, rotation

Path planning, vehicle controls/driving

Motors, standard communication protocols

LUNA Autonomated Vehicle Platform

Robotic Navigation: Luna Autonomy Advantages

Utilizing the Luna Autonomy Platform provides a variety of advantages for developers and system integrators of automated robotic platforms:

Focus on Core Competencies
Leveraging their deep expertise and experience with automated navigation technologies allows companies to focus on their core competencies and continue to develop their strategic innovation.

Save Time and Simplify R&D
Integrating this proven modular automated movement and navigation building block saves time and simplifies your R&D needs, resulting in reduced costs and faster time to market.

Control and Measure in Real-time
See the overview of your fleet from a simple and intuitive dashboard. Monitor performance and make informed, data-driven decisions.

autonomous vehicle control software

Utilize Precision Technology
Inertial Sense’s Luna platform can provide your autonomous unmanned vehicles with robust localization and path control in any environment, with path and pattern-following accuracy down to 6-10 cm.

Simplify Infrastructure
Wireless technology, onboard processing and cloud-based services remove the need for beacons, guidewires or other custom site-specific infrastructure or hardware installations.

Automated Vehicle System Applications

Last Mile Autonomous Vehicle Sensor System

Inertial Sense’s Luna Autonomy Platform is ideal for enabling autonomous workhorse equipment for a variety of applications and industries, including:

Precision agriculture
Lawncare and landscaping
Last-mile delivery

Logistics automation
Snow removal and other infrastructure services

Autonomous Mower Sensor System
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