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Partnership to Revolutionize Autonomous Systems

WOLF Advanced Technologies will combine its video modules with SYSGO’s software solutions for real-time operating systems in order to support complex autonomous systems By Abi Wylie / 04 Jul 2024
Partnership to Revolutionize Autonomous Systems
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WOLF Advanced Technology and SYSGO have formed a strategic technology partnership that will involve integrating advanced hardware and software solutions designed to meet the highest certification standards of safety and security.

WOLF, a pioneer in rugged video modules for aerospace and defense, and SYSCO, a European provider of embedded software solutions for real-time operating systems, are aiming to revolutionize the landscape of autonomous systems in aerospace, defense, and transportation.

WOLF specializes in the design and manufacturing of rugged modules, including:

This cutting-edge technology is a natural complement to SYSGO’s real-time operating system, PikeOS, renowned for robustness in safety-critical and security-critical applications. Together, the companies can leverage their strengths to create a certifiable software/hardware platform that supports complex autonomous systems.

A significant use case for this partnership is in the domain of trusted autonomy. By integrating AI-driven solutions, the joint platform can enhance the processing of data from multiple sensors, enabling autonomous vehicles to perform minimal risk maneuver and coordinate with other systems in e.g. the Future Combat Air System (FCAS). 

This integration could support manned and unmanned flying capabilities, employing AI, machine learning, and swarming technology to control drones and other autonomous systems. In addition to autonomous vehicles, SYSGO and WOLF can explore applications in electronic warfare, specifically in the area of Retrial Augmented Generation (RAG). 

This involves the multi-modal search of the electromagnetic landscape, translating conversations across different frequencies and languages over extended periods. The advanced AI capabilities can allow users to pinpoint the greatest concentrations of activity and understand the communication dynamics.

Lindsey Chapman, VP Global Sales & Partnerships at WOLF Advanced Technology, commented; “The collaboration between SYSGO and WOLF Advanced Technology represents a significant advancement in the development of autonomous systems.”

Franz Walkembach, VP Marketing & Alliances at SYSGO, added; ”By combining state-of-the-art hardware and software, the partnership can deliver innovative solutions that enhance safety, security, and performance in critical applications.”

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