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The Effect of Clean Hulls on Energy Saving

Greensea IQ has released a research paper outlining the positive effect that their EverClean hull cleaning robot had on the greenhouse gas emissions of two international shipping vessels Feature Article by Greensea IQ
The Effect of Clean Hulls on Energy Saving
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The EverClean program from Greensea IQ is a robotic solution that aims to prevent the deterioration of a maritime vessel’s hull condition from deteriorating after undocking, proactively maintaining it fouling-free and operating without a fuel penalty. Read more >>

Hull condition can have a significant effect on shipping efficiency and, as a result, can reduce an international shipping vessel’s ship’s carbon intensity. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, which account for 3% of worldwide emissions, by 40% by 2030.

Greensea IQ has released a paper outlining the impact of the EverClean service on two cruise ships, the effects on the hull’s fouling condition, and the resulting reduction in powering penalties.The Effect of Clean Hulls on Energy Saving

The company goes into:

  • The EverClean Service
  • The Two Vessels Studied
  • Fouling Assessment
  • Powering Analysis
  • Cleaning Impact

The company drew many conclusions from this research, key amongst them that the EverClean program presents a revolutionary solution to hull fouling in the maritime industry, contributing significantly to fuel savings and environmental preservation.

Read the complete paper, or visit the Greensea IQ website for more information.

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