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High Efficiency Unmanned Reservoir Survey

Hydro-Tech has released a paper outlining the process of efficiently surveying a 830 square kilometer reservoir in China using the MS400U multibeam echosounder and a small USV Feature Article by Hydro-Tech
High Efficiency Unmanned Reservoir Survey - image of a USV on the large reservoir.
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To survey a large reservoir in central China, Hydro-Tech installed their MS400U multibeam echosounder on to an unmanned surface vessel, which communicated with a survey vessel. Read more >>

The reservoir has complex underwater terrain spanning 830 square kilometers beneath about 300million cubic meters of water. The survey is being carried out to find an accurate storage capacity of the reservoir, while observing any erosion and sedimentation to plan fro dredging.

The full report from Hydro-Tech goes into:

  • Survey Condition
  • Method
  • Survey Procedure
  • Data Analysis
  • Results

The MS400U is a lightweight and compact echosounder, suitable for shallow water survey without onsite installation, with the combination of USV and MS400U being perfect for reservoir and complex water environment survey.

Read the full report, or visit the Hydro-Tech website for more information.

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