Hydrographic Survey Equipment: Multibeam Echo Sounders, Side Scan Sonars, Sound Velocity Sensors & Profilers

Underwater and Hydrographic Survey Equipment for USVs & UUVs

Hydro-Tech Marine’s lightweight and compact solutions include multibeam echosounders, side scan sonars, and sound velocity sensors and profilers By Mike Ball / 02 Oct 2023
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Hydro-Tech Marine is a leading developer of underwater and hydrographic survey equipment for USVs (uncrewed surface vessels) and unmanned underwater vehicles such as ROVs (remotely operated vehicles) and AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles). UST is delighted to welcome Hydro-Tech Marine on board as a supplier partner, and we will be highlighting their unique solutions and capabilities across our channels over the next 12 months.

We’ve just launched Hydro-Tech Marine’s UST supplier profile, which has been written and built by our team in collaboration with the company. The Silver profile showcases their portfolio of acoustic and sonar technology, which includes multibeam echosounders, side scan sonars, and sound velocity sensors and profilers.

Read on to find out more:

Multibeam Echo SounderThe MS400U is a compact, lightweight and low-power multi-beam echo sounder that has been specially designed for small unmanned platforms such as USVs. Featuring an integrated surface sound velocity profiler and AHRS (attitude & heading reference system), it is ideal for surveying bodies of water such as lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

The system has been specifically optimized to deal with large changes in attitudes experienced by smaller unmanned vessels, utilizing 512 acoustic beams with sophisticated dynamically-focused beamforming technology. The MS400U meets the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) accuracy standards for hydrographic surveys.

ROV Side Scan Sonar SystemsThe ES Series of embedded side scan sonars features frequency options of 450 kHz, 900kHz, or both. Utilizing self-adapting wave adjustment technology and advanced broadband signal processing, the system is ideal for a variety of high-definition underwater imaging applications.

The lightweight and compact sonars can be connected via Ethernet or RS232 serial, and also provide 8 programmable TTL synchronous control outputs, solving common issues with acoustic interference and synchronization control.

Sound Velocity Profiler SVP SensorThe SVP1500 sound velocity profiler provides accurate speed of sound information and depth measurement for a wide range of applications including underwater mapping and surveying and marine construction. With a high sampling rate and advanced time-of-flight measurement technology, it can measure sound velocity at accuracies of 0.05m/s, and depth at an industry-leading precision of 0.15m.

The lightweight and corrosion-resistant SVP sensor includes a built-in high-performance lithium battery that provides a continuous working life of more than 8 hours, and a storage capacity of 16GB for logging over 4000 hours of data.

sound velocity sensorThe SVS1500 is a sound velocity sensor that utilizes advanced time-of-flight measurement technology and digital signal processing to provide measurements with accuracies down to 0.05m/s. With an output rate of up to 30 Hz, the sensor can quickly respond to sudden and rapid changes in water current and sound velocity.

The lightweight and compact sensor is constructed from advanced materials with ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion, ensuring high performance and minimal deformation while maintaining excellent precision in challenging underwater environments.

To find out more about Hydro-Tech Marine and their underwater and hydrographic survey equipment for USVs and UUVs, please visit their profile page: https://www.unmannedsystemstechnology.com/company/hydro-tech/

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