Cognitive Wireless MANET Radio & Mesh Technology for Tactical, Mission-Critical Datalinks
CreoAir MANET Radios Tactical high-throughout communications for UAVs & drones
CreoAir MANET Radios

Tactical high-throughout communications for UAVs & drones

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CreoAir MANET Radios

CreoAir datalinks provide UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones with a robust communications capability that enables reliable connectivity with ground control stations or other aircraft, even in congested and interference-filled environments. Supporting both single- and multi-platform missions, the advanced radios are operationally proven and highly scalable.

Leveraging Creomagic's advanced SDR and MANET technologies, CreoAir datalinks support a wide range of communication protocols and interfaces, providing unparalleled data rates of up to 80 Mbps at ranges of up to 250 km LOS. With advanced features such as video compression, frequency-hopping and AES-256 encryption, they are ideal for mission-critical applications and provide seamless integration with other Creomagic solutions for multi-domain operations.

The CreoAir product line provides options to suit a wide range of drone platform types and sizes, including MIL-STD certified units, as well as a range of ground control stations.


  CreoAir M2
Low-Power OEM
CreoAir M3
High-Power OEM
CreoAir HP
High-Power MIL-STD
Weight From 100g From 220g From 600g
Frequency Range UHF / L-Band / S-Band / C-Band
Optional: Dual Band
Data Rates Up to 20MBps Adaptive, up to 80MBps
Power (per request) Up to 1W Adaptive, up to 10W
Modulations BPSK/QPSK/QAM16 Adaptive BPSK/QPSK/QAM16/QAM64
Bandwidth 2/4/8 MHz 2/4/8/16 MHz
Security AES-128, AES-256