Drone Capture Nets

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Overview Drone Capture Nets
By Mike Ball Last updated: November 7th, 2023

Drone capture nets are non-lethal, physical countermeasures used to engage confirmed drone threats, by disrupting their propellers and leaving them unable to fly.

Drone net guns may be used to protect critical facilities and infrastructure such as airports, prisons, military bases and government buildings, as well as public spaces and events.

Launching & Firing

Drone net launchers may be hand-held guns, vehicle- or turret-mounted, or fixed to a building or structure. They may utilize pressurized air, CO2 cartridges or pyrokinetics to launch the net.

Designed to entangle and physically capture drones in mid-air, some nets may include a built-in parachute to ensure that the captured drone undergoes a controlled descent, thus minimizing the risk of damage to property or injury to people. Fixed drone capture systems may also be able to reel the net back in using a powerful motor, similarly minimizing risk from the falling drone.

Drone net guns can also be mounted on an interceptor drone. This allows the capture solution to operate at extended ranges compared to other net launcher systems. Some of these drones may then be able to carry the captured threat to a suitable location using an attached cable.

Benefits of Drone Capture Nets

Anti drone net guns provide a number of advantages over other counter-UAS methods such as projectile weapons. Designed to be user-friendly and operated by security personnel with minimal training, they are typically lightweight and portable for ease of deployment.

Capturing the drone in one piece is safer and allows it to be analyzed to provide more information on the threat and its origin, as well as providing evidence for prosecution. Disabling the drone without the use of RF jamming also prevents interference with local RF and cellular communications.

Often used in scenarios where drones need to be immobilized quickly and safely, with low potential for collateral damage, capture nets are suited to scenarios where non-destructive drone neutralization is required quickly.