Inertial Navigation Systems, INS/GPS, AHRS, and IMU Sensors for Unmanned Systems

Inertial+GNSS: Evolving Navigation Technologies to meet new UAV Challenges

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  • Hosted by SBG Systems
  • September 1, 2021 , 08:00 (UTC)
  • Inertial+GNSS: Evolving Navigation Technologies to meet new UAV Challenges

    UAV navigation simplifies tasks and saves time; and they are widely used in many industries today. But let’s not forget that this is possible because of evolving technology in recent years; particularly in the area of motion and navigation technologies.

    This webinar will review some UAV challenges such as urban air mobility, building inspection etc. It also discusses how inertial technology combined with GNSS has evolved to meet these challenges. The session also explains how these technologies work and their applications such as navigation, pointing, acquisition, and more.


    • Evolution of UAV Development, and UAV application challenges
    • How does inertial + GNSS technology works, and what are the latest developments?
    • Inertial Navigation Systems for UAV applications
      1. Use for Navigation: Flight controllers
      2. Use for Pointing: Communication systems
      3. Use for Acquisition: Aerial survey
    •  SBG Systems expertise
    • Q&A Session

    We have the pleasure to welcome Dr Wee Liang Boon, Associate Professor at the Singapore Institute of Technology, as a speaker for this webinar.

    The webinar is organized by Rotorcraft Asia and Unmanned Systems Asia show team.

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