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Using Automated Steering Systems to Enhance Rice Yield

Feature Article by CHC Navigation
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Using Automated Steering Systems to Enhance Rice Yield

The operation in the field at night with the help of NX510.

CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) has released an article discussing precision farming technologies, and how its NX510 autosteering system was integrated into race transplanters to plant rice seedlings in swampy soils in China. 

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This advanced technology delivers significant productivity gains at a cost accessible to nearly every farm, making it suitable for retrofitting old and new farm vehicles. These precision tools go a long way toward increasing farm output while minimizing waste.

With an impressive pass-to-pass accuracy of ±2.5 cm, this system provided impeccable row spacing control. It ensured that seedlings were planted at consistent depths and in the correct vertical and horizontal positions, promoting adequate ventilation and optimal light exposure for the subsequent growth of rice seedlings. The operation was simplified for the farmer, who only had to set the working path in advance.

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The article also looks at:

  • Common challenges encountered by rice farmers 
  • Precision farming solutions available to rice farmers 
  • Installing autosteering systems on different types of tractors
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