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Transforming Open-Pit Mining with LiDAR Mapping Technology

CHCNAV examines how LiDAR technology surpasses traditional surveying methods, and how the AlphaUni 20 can significantly reduce operational delays and improve safety in open-pit mining operations Feature Article by CHC Navigation
Transforming Open-Pit Mining with LiDAR Mapping Technology
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CHC Navigation (CHCNAV) examines how the efficiency and accuracy of LiDAR technology surpasses traditional surveying methods, significantly reducing operational delays and improving safety.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) equipped with LiDAR systems can quickly scan large areas, providing real-time data critical for informed decision-making. This capability not only speeds up the surveying process, but also minimizes risk to personnel by reducing the need for an on-the-ground presence in potentially dangerous areas.

Increased Efficiency
LiDAR-equipped UAVs capture millions of precise data points per second, creating detailed 3D models of mine sites. This method significantly outperforms traditional surveying techniques, covering large areas quickly and with fewer personnel, streamlining survey operations, and reducing time and labor costs.

Unmatched Accuracy
LiDAR provides detailed, high-resolution data that enables more informed and accurate decision-making. By creating highly accurate 3D models, LiDAR enables precise volume calculations, stockpile measurements, and slope analysis.

Improved Safety
One of the most important advances of LiDAR is its contribution to surveyor safety. Traditional surveying often places personnel near hazardous conditions, such as active blasting zones or unstable terrain. By minimizing the need for human presence in hazardous areas, airborne LiDAR survey significantly improves safety conditions for survey crews.

In the full article LiDAR Mapping in Open-Pit Mining: Pioneering Efficiency and Safety CHCNAV provides an introduction to LiDAR in mining, outlining the essential role of surveyors in open-pit mining and the challenges posed by conventional surveying techniques.

The article goes on to give an outline of the LiDAR-based surveying process and how the CHCNAV AlphaUni 20 can streamline this process. Essential for streamlined operations, it includes compatible sensors, UAV platforms, and both flight planning and post-processing software. CHCNAV’s solutions provide a fully integrated ecosystem, ensuring compatibility and efficient workflow throughout the survey process.

The article gives a detailed explanation of:

  • Flight Planning
  • Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Data Application

Also explored is CHCNAV’s sophisticated CoProcess software which provides unprecedented accuracy and efficiency in modeling and analysis, supporting:

  • Volume calculations
  • Stockpile analysis
  • Slope analysis

Read the article in full to learn more about the criteria for selecting of the right LiDAR systems for open-pit mining and how CHCNAV’s AlphaUni 20 is a top choice for mining surveyors, offering a blend of high accuracy, operational flexibility and ease of use.


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