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Estimating the Run Time of Lithium Batteries for Drones

Feature Article by MaxAmps
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MaxAmps has released an article explaining how to calculate a drone battery’s run time. 

Estimating the Run Time of a Lithium Battery for DronesBefore you can fly your new drone, you need to estimate run time to choose the right battery. The good news is it doesn’t have to be tricky. Here is a quick battery math hack that will give you accurate results for your new drone.

Using the average amp draw of your setup, you can estimate the required mAh. At 5 amps, a 5000mAh battery will run for one hour.

Average amp draw/AH of battery

(AH is based on 1C and 60 minutes)

Here is an example: your drone pulls 100 amps on average. You are looking for the proper capacity battery to give you 15 minutes. Here is the math:

Runtime = 60/(Amp draw / AH)

15 = 60/(100/x)

60/15 = 100/x

4 = 100/x

100/4 = 25 Amp hours or a 25000mAh battery would provide the needed flight time.

If you are ever not sure on any of these calculations, our team here at MaxAmps can help you identify the best battery for your setup. 

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